888 Poker’s NJ Players Enraged over Lost Status Points

Posted on March 26th, 2014 by Robert DellaFave

888 Poker’s NJ Players Enraged over Lost Status PointsRecently, 888poker.com reset status points for all of its New Jersey players, causing its most faithful patrons to lash out at the site on 2 + 2.

The recent fiasco over at 888 exhibits a classic example of what happens when a poker site fails to communicate with its customers. Earlier this week, 888 New Jersey reset player status points, approximately two months before its VIP is scheduled to roll out. Suffice to say, players didn’t exactly take the unannounced reset in tow.

Over the past 24 hours, active players on 888 have voiced their distain from both the 888poker USA thread and the New Jersey Online Poker thread on 2 + 2’s Internet Forum. And while some players fully expected 888 to reset the points prior to the VIP program’s launch, the majority felt they were robbed of their accumulated points and future rakeback.

In its defense, 888 never explicitly stated that earned status points would carry over into May. But they never denied it either. In lieu of the events that transpired after the points were reset, 888 amended its FAQ page to state: …points accumulated prior to the launch of 888poker Rewards will not count.

There are various accounts of players stating that they’ve lost thousands of dollars due to the reset, many of whom go on to scorn 888’s policies and lack of communication. In one instance, a player who accumulated a slew of status points exclaimed That’s over $1,700 I’ve committed in rake and I get absolutely nothing for it?

888 could have easily prevented this disastrous situation from occurring if it simply communicated its intentions from the start. It’s hard to fathom that the mega-company, which is the second largest online poker network in the world, didn’t realize that some players will misconstrue status points for VIP rewards points without being told otherwise.

Still, 888 must be given some credit for offering two of the best rakeback promotions in all of New Jersey. And while most view their cash-game promos as temporary solutions to its lack of a VIP schema, the Winter Sale and 80% Rakeback promos offered players a potentially far more lucrative incentive for playing on the site than any other site’s VIP program currently affords.

But those promos have come to an end, and as of today, the only players with any real motivation to play on the site are those who qualified for 80% rakeback until May.

With status points now reset and a lack of any cash-game oriented promotions in the queue, traffic on 888 has fallen into a tailspin – dropping over 33 percent since its peak in mid-February.

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