Americas Cardroom Increase Beast Payouts

Posted on August 30th, 2013 by Todd Wilkins

Americas Cardroom Increase Beast PayoutsAmericas Cardroom Increase Beast PayoutsAmericas Cardroom is changing the format of its popular Beast progressive rake race to enable players who cash in the promotion to win more money.

The Beast is a progressive rake race which awards players who contribute the most to the rake at Americas Cardroom´s Jackpot tables; with the pool being distributed in cash prizes and tournament entry tickets among the top players each month.

In August, the Beast prize pool reached just short of $140,000 in cash prizes and paid 414 places, while 579 players won seats for the Punta Cana Classic Super Satellite. Following the success of the site´s Beast Anniversary promotion in August, two changes are being made to the Beast in September which will enable players to increase the value of the prizes they win.

Bye Bye Bad Beat Jackpot

The first change is to stop the Bad Beat Jackpot – which is also fed by the rake deducted from the Jackpot tables. Although the jackpot will remain in place for the present for anybody who loses a hand with quad Eights or better, the rake which was previously deducted for the Bad Beat Jackpot will now be directed at the Beast (the BBJ Jackpot prize – currently $181,856 – will remain static until it is won).

The second change is to cap the first prize awarded on the monthly Beast promotion to $15,000. Any additional prize money above $15,000 will be filtered down through the payout structure. The changes have already been acknowledged as a positive step to reward not only the players who put in the hours at the Jackpot tables, but also to encourage more recreational players to get involved in the promotion.

$10,000 Sit n Go Race also Announced for September

Americas Cardroom has also announced that they will be hosting a Sit n Go race throughout September with $10,000 up for grabs and $1,500 for the winner of the event. Points will be awarded each time a player enters a Sit n Go game, and the points will be tallied up throughout September, with the top 120 points earners awarded a share of the prize.

Points are awarded based on the tournament entry fee, multiplied by the number of players in the game and divided by five. Therefore if you were to enter a 6-Max Sit n Go game with a buy-in of $20.00 + $2.00, you would receive ($2.00 * 6 / 5) 2.4 points. The points awarded are the same irrespective of whether you win the game or bust out in last place.

Don´t Miss “M2” Weekend

Americas Cardroom is also hosting a “Double Guarantee Event” from Friday 6th September until Monday 9th September, during which time all guaranteed tournaments scheduled to start between 1.00pm (ET) and 1.00am (ET) with a microstakes buy-in or midstakes buy-in (<$60.00) will have their guarantees doubled. There are three highlights of this weekend:-

A MicroStakes Main Event will be played at 6.00pm (ET) on Monday 9th September with a guaranteed prize pool of $2,500 and a buy-in of just $3.30.
A Midstakes Main Event will run on Sunday 8th September at 5.00pm (ET) and will have a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000 for a $22.00 buy-in.
The weekly Sunday Feature Event on Sunday 8th September at 7.00pm (ET) will also have its usual $50,000 guarantee doubled up to $100,000.

Irrespective of whether you are a cash game player, a Sit n Go player or a tournament player, it looks like there is something for everyone on Americas Cardroom in September.

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