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Posted on June 29th, 2015 by Jon Pineda

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WSOP chip logoIt is hard to believe, but it’s only been since the end of 2013 that legalized state-run online poker was first introduced in the state of New Jersey. WSOP, along with a bunch of other sites, were already up and running on day 1, from 11/26/13, and with the exception of just one site, which elected to drop out during the fall of 2014, all of the NJ state-run poker sites are still operating, though with different degrees of success. One definite success story is WSOP, which has firmly held onto second place, trailing only the leading NJ online poker room, Party Poker, in player traffic.

Besides New Jersey, only two other states in America, Nevada and Delaware, have passed a law allowing state-run online poker rooms. Interestingly, New Jersey, the last of the three states out of the starting gate with online gambling, has been far and away the most successful. Even in New Jersey, the actual figures are far below the projected ones, but the first year has been a good one for with the expectation that it will continue to fare well in the future. Incidentally, there is another WSOP site for Nevada players, and in that state, WSOP is the number 1 ranked online poker room.

A major reason for the success of WSOP is the familiarity of the brand. WSOP, of course, stands for World Series of Poker, and there is probably not a poker player alive who hasn’t heard of that competition. Every year thousands of hopefuls, professionals and amateur players alike, descend on the Rio Casino in Las Vegas for the longshot chance of becoming the next poker multimillionaire, while millions more all over the world follow the thrilling action on TV. Playing on probably won’t lift you to anywhere near the status of the annual elite November 9, but it is a great place to play all the online poker you want. It is legal and at stakes that won’t break the bank and will help to improve your skills in the process. And if you have your sights set on next year’s WSOP Main Event, you might even be lucky enough to win your way in via one of the satellites offered on the website.

A second reason why WSOP has become so popular is its affiliation with Caesars Entertainment Corp., which has owned WSOP since 2004. Caesars itself is a big name in the gambling world and a highly recognizable brand. Backed up by ¾ century of experience in land-based gambling, Caesars owned casinos can now be found not only all over the U.S., but all over the world. Caesars Entertainment is also the only company in Atlantic City currently operating more than one casino. At the present time there are three Caesars owned casinos in Atlantic City: Caesars, Bally’s, and Harrah’s.

Over the last decade, with the proliferation of online gambling, it was only natural for a company that had made such a big name for itself in land-based gambling to become actively involved in appealing to the online gambling market, too. In fact, is one of five New Jersey online gambling sites in partnership with Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

If playing poker online is your thing, might just be your new favorite poker room.

The others are,,, and was previously associated with the Trump Plaza Casino but after that casino closed on 9/16/14, Caesars Interactive Entertainment took over as the Betfair site’s new partner.

Is a good fit for you? To help you decide, you can learn all about the second leading poker room where New Jersey players can play legally online in the detailed WSOP New Jersey legal poker review that follows written expressly for

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WSOP Bonus

BonusTraditionally, online poker players from the U.S. have been shortchanged in the size of their Welcome Bonus, but the WSOP NJ online poker room makes up for that in a big way with a very generous offer for all new players to the site. As soon as you register and open a real money account, you get a 100% match of your first deposit up to $400. As with all deposit match poker bonuses, the WSOP Welcome Bonus is not money you can access immediately; it gets released to you in stages during the course of your play.

By the way, setting up and funding your account is quick and easy with a choice of several convenient deposit methods. It is a known fact that fewer banking options are made available to American online poker players than to online poker players in many other countries, but even so, the options offered on will probably suffice for most players. The various deposit methods available to you include MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards, ACH bank transfers, Neteller PayNearMe (depositing cash to your account at your local 7-Eleven Store), and depositing cash in the Caesar’s Casino cashier’s cage in Atlantic City. Should you wish to use a credit card for your deposit, you are advised to double check with your bank to make sure the transaction will go through, as some banks have a policy of not honoring transactions for online gambling. But you won’t have any problem with any of the other methods listed.

In addition just for signing up, WSOP has a special gift for you in the form of a small “no deposit required” bonus. While this secondary bonus is only $10, you can use it as you wish for wagers on any cash game or towards a buy-in for a tournament.

But wait, that’s not all. You receive another welcome gift consisting of seven tickets for a $100 Daily Welcome Week Freeroll, one for each day of the week during your first week of play. The tournaments start at 7 p.m. You can play all week long, absolutely free and maybe even win a cash prize. All players start with 2,000 in chips and those who finish in the top 20% are in the money.

Clearing the Bonus

New players at are given 60 days to clear the Welcome Bonus. During that time period, the bonus is released to you, based on play, in $10 increments. Check the website for specifics, and if you have any questions, Customer Support offers 24/7 help via live chat, phone, or email.

WSOP Software

SoftwareWe know you are anxious to get playing, but first we need to remind you in this WSOP Poker Review for legal play in New Jersey about what the eligibility requirements are., like all of the legit online poker sites in New Jersey, adheres to strict regulations governing your ability to play. For starters, you must be 21 years of age or older. In addition, at the time you log on to play, you must be physically situated in New Jersey.

You do not have to reside in New Jersey, but you do have to be inside state borders in order to play for real money anywhere on the site. Otherwise, you can play for free and you can even make deposits to your account, but you will have to wait until you are in New Jersey to use that money to play. If you try to log on as a regular player outside of the state it won’t work because, like all of the state-run NJ online poker rooms, uses sophisticated Geo Location software that will instantly detect your whereabouts.

The NJ website is powered by proprietary Dragonfish software from the same company, 888 Holdings, that provides the software for other Caesars owned USA online poker rooms, including both 888 Poker in New Jersey and the Nevada and international versions of However, each poker room is entirely separate. While you can certainly play in more than one New Jersey poker room, including both and, in order to do so, you will need to set up separate accounts. However, you are not permitted to play on either the Nevada WSOP website or the international WSOP website and, conversely, the players on those websites do not have access to the New Jersey website.

Logging onto the website can be accomplished by any of the following three methods. The first is to download the software onto your computer as per the instructions given on the website. This is a quick and easy process that should not take more than a few minutes. It also assures you not only of having full access to all of the WSOP ring games and tournaments, but also to the wide array of customizable features that would not be available to you otherwise. The one disadvantage to the downloaded version is that you are tied down to your own home computer. As an alternative you can use the no download instant play flash version to access the WSOP games. The flash version is playable on any browser and, like the downloaded version, is both PC and Mac compatible.

You can play on by logging onto your PC or Mac, playing the no-download version, or playing on your mobile.

The-Advantages-of-Mobile-US-Poker-SitesYour third option, to enjoy the games on your mobile device, is ideal if you are on the go a lot because it enables you to play whenever you want and wherever you want. is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices. There are three separate apps. The apps for Apple iOS iPhones and iPads can be downloaded on iTunes. In addition, there is a new app for Android devices, which you can download from the site directly.

Downloading the appropriate app is easy, and complete instructions are provided on the website. However, if you run into any problems, Customer Support is available for assistance 24/7. Unfortunately, some players have encountered erroneous Geo Location messages saying they were not in New Jersey when they were. Having a Wi-Fi connection should help to correct this problem.

One nice feature of the WSOP mobile apps is that you can use them to register and set up your account. Or, if you have already done that on your computer, you can simply log on using the same account. Another nice feature is that with the exception of the lowest and highest levels of games, you will be able to play in a wide variety of both ring games and tournaments. However, you won’t be able to multi-table.

Don’t expect to find all of the great customizable features that are available for computer play. But you will find important basic ones like a very informative lobby to help you select the cash games and tournaments that interest you.

If you would like an extra incentive for playing WSOP online poker on your smartphone or tablet, here it is. very frequently makes special offers and prizes just for players on the mobile devices.

System Requirements

The following chart shows the minimum and recommended system requirements for playing Wsop Poker on the computer.

System Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 95Windows 7Mac OS X 10.5Mac OS X 10.6+
Processor300MHz Pentium1GHz PentiumPower PC G4Intel x86
Memory512Mb RAM1Gb RAM256Mb RAM512Mb RAM
Video Card4Mb8Mb4Mb8Mb
Screen Resolution800×6001024×768800×6001024×768

Games on WSOP Poker

GamesWhile No Limit Hold ‘em reigns supreme on, just as it does at the big WSOP events every year in Las Vegas, there is a big difference in the size of the stakes you would be playing for at the two locales. does not offer any really high stakes games. However, our most recent WSOP New Jersey legal poker review shows that WSOP still offers sufficient variety, both in game type and stakes to accommodate most low to mid-stakes poker players.

Your cash game options on the New Jersey site include Limit and No Limit Hold ‘em, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha 8 or Better, 7 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud 8 or Better. No Limit Hold ‘em games at stakes typically ranging from the really low .01/.02 to the potentially big money $5/$10 can be found on the site 24/7. For other games, early afternoon to late evening is your best bet, again with limits varying from micro-stakes to $5/$10.

If tournaments appeal to you, you are in luck because this is one activity you will find no shortage of at For starters, and especially if playing in tournaments is a relatively new experience for you, nothing beats a freeroll, at no cost to you whatsoever, to get your feet wet, and offers plenty of those. We already mentioned the Daily Welcome Week Freerolls. The good news is that after that first week has come and gone, you can keep on playing in more $100 daily freerolls open to all players. However, entry is capped at 600 players, so it is first come first served. The free tournament gets underway at 7pm EST daily. It is somewhat of a crap shoot since you start with just 2,000 chips and blinds, which start at 10/20 and go up every 10 minutes. Players finishing in the top 20% share in the $100 prize pool. offers plenty of free, no cost to you freerolls to get your feet wet.

BankingThere are more freerolls available to you on level of play, which we will discuss in the Cool Features section. In addition, you will find loads of regularly scheduled sit and go and multi-table tournaments with a wide range of buy-ins ranging from low limit to fairly expensive. The detailed information in the lobby will help you pick the sit and go or multi-table tournament that isbest for you.

The biggest and most popular of the regularly scheduled tournaments is the $25K Guaranteed Sunday Tournament starting at 3pm EST every Sunday. There is a $200 buy-in which gets you 5,000 in starting chips while blind levels are 15 minutes.

Or, for a $100 buy-in, you can try your luck in the $10K Guaranteed Tournament, which also takes place every Sunday. Starting time is 8pm EST, and in this freeze out tournament, you get 4,000 in starting chips, and blind levels are also 15 minutes.

Then, if your luck wasn’t great in the Sunday tournaments, maybe you will fare better in one of the $10K Nightly Rebuy Tournaments with only a $25 buy-in. You are also allowed one rebuy and one-add-on of another 4,500 in chips for an additional $25 each. So that could bring the total cost to $75, and probably will since otherwise, with just 2,500 in chips to work with and super-fast 10 minute blind levels, you might quickly run out of ammunition. These tournaments are offered every night of the week except Sunday at 7pm EST.

Yet another option is the $5K nightly R and A (Rebuy and Add-on) Tournament costing just $11, You get 4,000 in starting chips, unlimited rebuys if you need them, and an optional 8,000 chip add on for another $10. This tournament takes place nightly at 9pm If the idea of playing in a tournament that offers lots of fast action for not a lot of money excites you, this is an activity you might want to check out.

Level of Competition

While the comparatively low stakes of the play currently being offered on will keep most pros and high rollers engaged elsewhere, the level of competition on this site is not as soft as you might think. Many of the players, rather than being rank beginners, are seasoned regulars and the type commonly referred to as “grinders.” They may not have the bankroll to be playing for large sums of money but they know exactly what they are doing and look for every edge they can get. This means if you aren’t careful, they will slowly chip away at your bankroll. But at least you won’t have the opposite problem of 80% of the table calling every flop and your own pocket rockets repeatedly losing to the likes of a 7-2 off-suit. Keep in mind that some of the online poker rooms for New Jersey players also provide easy access to casino games, and vice versa for the casino players, whose influx into the poker room largely contributes to the poor level of play. However, is strictly for poker, so it is no surprise that your opponents, for the most part, will be poker regulars.

Cool Features

FeaturesIf you are a poker player in New Jersey, you have a choice of online options. Therefore, an important focus of our WSOP review of this legal online poker room for New Jersey players concerns its various special features that might make you want to choose WSOP over the competition. offers lots of cool features that help to make this a standout site for discriminating poker players. For starters, the Poker Lobby organizes all of the games you might want to play into convenient categories so you can quickly locate the appropriate game. For example, you can select the type of game you want to play (Hold ‘em, Omaha, or Stud) and whether you want a no limit, pot limit, or fixed limit game.

Then you can narrow down your choice further according to other criteria such as stakes, number of players, average pot size, and hands per hour. You can also preview the players at a poker table using the Table Information box to see how much money each player has. When selecting a tournament, you can also either review all of the tournaments being offered or narrow down your choices according to such criteria as type of tournament, buy-in, and number of players.

The Quick Seat Wizard is an option you can take advantage of if you would like to be seated as quickly as possible. The Wizard will find you a table that meets your specifications. First choose the type of game you want (No Limit, Fixed Limit, or Pot Limit). Then select the maximum number of players you want at the table. Then choose no limit, fixed limit, or pot limit and specify for what stakes. When you have made all of your selections, click “Play now,” and you will be seated. offer lots of cool features for grinders in Nevada to help this poker room really stand out.

You can also take advantage of the “My Favorites” feature which allows you to save your preferences so the next time you log on, you can save a lot of time finding the exact cash game or tournament where you want to play.

In addition, the downloaded version of the software offers more than enough special customizable features to satisfy most players. Along with customized graphics and sounds, other options include table resizing and tiling and cascading (which let you view multiple tables at once). You can also check your hand history from the lobby, take player notes at your table, and multi-table.

Regardless of whether you are new to the game or simply wish to improve your skills, you should take advantage of sections of the website summarizing the rules for the different varieties of poker and providing helpful playing tips and strategy information. After all, you may be up against some fairly good players, so you might as well fine tune your skills so you can become a better player yourself.

Action Club Rewards Program

Win or lose, has a generous player rewards program that should encourage you to play on the site often. Every time you play, you earn Action Points (APPs) which determine your tier level. Players receive 2 APPs for each $1 contributed to the rake in cash games or fee paid to enter a tournament. There are a total of nine tier levels, with standings recalculated monthly depending on how many APPs you have earned in the previous month. The nine levels together with the minimum number of APPs required are listed below:

Bronze 10 APPs
Silver200 APPs
Silver +300 APPs
Gold400 APPs
Gold +800 APPs
Platinum1,200 APPs
Platinum +2,300 APPs
Diamond3,500 APPs
Diamond +7,500 APPs

The higher your tier level, the higher your multiplier will be for converting your APPs to WSOP points, which can in turn be converted into cashback. You receive .01 for each WSOP point redeemed. You can use your cashback to buy into more ring games or tournaments or as rewards credits towards meals, rooms, entertainment, or merchandise at any Total Rewards Casino such as Bally’s, Caesars, or Harrah’s in Atlantic City.

Players who have not yet reached Action Club tier status can play in a $250 Weekly Invitational Freeroll. However, as soon as Action club status is attained, your invitation is upgraded to a $2,000 Weekly Freeroll. In both freerolls, players get 2,000 in chips to start and the top 20% are in the money.

In addition to all of the above, be sure to check the website often because there are always special seasonal promotions going on that you won’t want to miss. celebrated its first year anniversary and in a big way with discounted tournaments and other special offers and more of the same over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. However, it’s a safe bet that it is only prelude to other exciting offers coming your way for the December holiday season and in the New Year. Of course, it won’t be long before there is another WSOP Main Event to start gearing up for, too!

WSOP Cons and Pros

Pros & Cons

  • Real money play is limited to New Jersey players.
  • Lack of high stakes cash games might deter some big players.

  • Lots of low stakes cash games and tournaments
  • Multiple deposit options available, including the freedom to deposit live in Atlantic City
  • Cashback rewards are good towards rooms, meals, and entertainment at many Caesars-owned properties. Conclusion: As pointed out earlier in this WSOP New Jersey poker review, legal online poker players in New Jersey have made this highly regarded site their second choice. While the instantly recognizable brand-name may get people in the door, not the name but the high quality of its offerings is what keeps them coming back. If you live in or visit New Jersey often and playing poker is one of your favorite activities, could have just what you are looking for to make it your favorite online poker room.

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