Black Chip Poker Introduces On Demand Tournaments

Posted on September 12th, 2013 by Andy Walker

Black Chip Poker Introduces On Demand TournamentsBlack Chip Poker has introduced “On Demand” poker tournaments into its portfolio of games during another upgrade to its online poker software.

Back in July, all poker skins on the Winning Poker network received a massive software update which vastly improved what players on the site were having to endure in return for good bonuses and fast cashouts. Now the site has made further changes to its software which includes a new timebank feature, the ability to see folded cards, preferred seating in cash games and a shorter gap between hands when antes are being collected in online tournaments.

However, possibly the most noticeable change for players on Black Chip Poker is the introduction of “On Demand” poker tournaments – a cross between traditional Sit n Gos and Multitable tournaments, which start when a minimum number of players have registered (rather than at a scheduled time), but which continue like a scheduled tournament with late registrations and re-entries available to increase the size of the field and value of the prizes.

How On Demand Tournaments Work

A typical “On Demand” tournament would start when a pre-determined number of players have registered for the event (the most popular ones at present are the $0.55 buy-in games with a guaranteed prize pool of $25.00, which need eighteen players to register before they get underway).

Once the tournament has started, registration stays open to allow further players to join the game or for those who have bust out early to re-enter. In the $0.55 games mentioned above, registration stays open for an hour (6 x 10 minute levels).

Once the late registration period ends, the game continues like a “normal” multitable tournament, with synchronized breaks and the distribution of payouts being determined by the number of entries and re-entries the tournament received.

Most games (at the $0.55 buy-in) are seeing up to 100 players taking part – creating a prize pool of $50.00 and paying down to eighteenth place. Black Chip Poker is also offering freeroll “On Demand” tournaments with a $10.00 prize pool which start when 270 players have registered.

Further Software Changes

Two further software changes have been made to reduce the risk of players missing events in games or games themselves.

The first concerns a new function button which will allow players to see when the player to the left of the Big Blind (“Under-the-gun”) has applied a straddle in his or her first bet. Often these are overlooked as min-raises out of position, but now players will be able to see quite clearly when a player is straddling.

The second change involves the games lobbies highlighting which table/s a player is playing on, or what tournaments/Sit n Gos they have entered to assist players who multitable, take a break, and then have difficulty finding up all the games they are involved in. It is a fairly standard software feature which is common on most other online poker sites, and now Black Chip Poker has integrated it into their software as well.

If you would like to try out these new features and you do not have an account at this poker room yet, make sure to get the latest valid Black Chip Poker bonus code from our site. You will need to fill this in during the account registration process to get the complete bonus.

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