Californians for Responsible iPoker Release Radio Advertisement

Posted on June 24th, 2015 by Jon Pineda
Californians for Responsible iPoker PokerStars online poker radio ad

PokerStars is pressuring both state lawmakers and residents to address the legalization of online poker through a new coalition called Californians for Responsible iPoker. (Image:

The Californians for Responsible iPoker coalition announced its formation just last week, and the organization focused on legalizing online poker in the Golden State is wasting no time in getting out its message through a recently released radio advertisement.

The message is clear and direct, urging residents to contact their state lawmakers to stress the importance and necessity of passing iPoker legislation to create a regulated, safe market.

Californians for Responsible iPoker is an alliance led by Amaya and PokerStars along with the Morongo and San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, and the Hawaiian Gardens, Commerce, and Bicycle casinos.

“We intend to push online poker over the finish line,” Lynn Valbuena, chairwoman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians said in a press release. “Authorizing online poker by creating a strictly regulated marketplace in California is the right thing to do for consumers, and it’s the right thing to do for the state.”

So Bad It’s Good

The radio ad’s writing is crisp and to the point, thought it’s not exactly riveting in dialogue. The spot opens with a couple heard discussing his desires to play online poker.

Woman: “Hey honey, what are you up to?”

Man: “Just looking to play online poker.”

Woman: “You’re not thinking of playing on one of those unregulated websites though, right?”

Man: “Well, there aren’t any sites based in California because the state hasn’t put any regulations in place. This one’s probably fine.”

Woman: “Probably?!”

While the above conversation is rather inconceivable and seemingly strange, it’s effective in disbursing the coalition’s goal of creating a legal framework for iPoker.

The banter between the man and woman is almost comical in structure, but one need not look far for an effective yet amusing marketing strategy, ahem Trivago guy.

The 60-second commercial concludes with a male voiceover summarizing the lack of a regulated Internet poker market in California:

“Because California does not have regulations in place for online poker, consumers are at risk of fraud. And California is losing out on millions in revenues. Thankfully, California legislators have a plan to regulate it. This plan will protect consumers, enact strict safeguards to protect kids from gambling, and ensure only licensed, responsible companies operate here… Go to and tell your legislators it’s time to regulate iPoker.”

All-In Push

Once reserved and a simple observer of American politics in regards to iGaming efforts in individual states, PokerStars and its parent company Amaya are no longer hanging in the wings, but now actively involved.

“As a global home of innovation, technology and consumer rights, it’s time California updated its old laws and regulated online poker to protect consumers, and bring new revenue to California,” Eric Hollreiser, head of corporate communications for Amaya and PokerStars said.

In addition to its funding of the Californians for Responsible iPoker and production of the radio ad, PokerStars is taking some of its big-name ambassadors on a statewide tour to campaign for the cause.

Chris Moneymaker, Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst and Jason Somerville will travel to card rooms up and down the state, getting out the message and need for online poker.

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