Democratic Debate Focuses on Hillary Clinton as Former Secretary of State Shines

Posted on October 14th, 2015 by Jon Pineda

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Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were more than amicable at times during the first Democratic debate, political observers declaring the former First Lady the night’s big winner. (Image:

The first Democratic debate was held Tuesday night at the Wynn Las Vegas, the mood a stark contrast from the two Republican showdowns as frontrunner Hillary Clinton reinstated her commanding position over the four other candidates as the favorite for the party’s nomination to become the next Commander-in-Chief.

While Donald Trump and the panel of GOP candidates leveraged personal attacks during their couple of engagements, venturing away from policy into the realm of chattiness, the Democrats were cordial and at times even supportive of one another.

The most notable exchange came when Bernie Sanders, currently running second in national polls, defended Clinton’s personal email scandal. “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails,” the Vermont Senator quipped.

In addition to discussing Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee, and Jim Webb presented their views on a variety of issues including economic and social policies, and how they would defeat the Republican Party in the presidential race.

None of the five candidates have openly supported the expansion of online poker, though none also would be likely to sign a bill blocking federal restrictions on states wishing to legalize Internet gambling.

Trump Impressed

Donald Trump is one tough billionaire to impress.

He routinely points out when his political opponents are struggling, even questioning why some have been invited to the debate during the debate itself.

But the GOP frontrunner, who “live tweeted” the Democratic debate, seemed impressed by Clinton. The real estate and casino businessman said Hillary accomplished what she needed to relay to the American people.

“Like her or not, Hillary did what she had to do in the debate last night,” Trump tweeted.

However, he followed it up by saying, “The debate last night proved that Hillary is running against the ‘B’ team. She won’t be so lucky when it comes to me!”

And by all current data, it will be a Clinton vs. Trump race in 2016.

Both have strong leads over their nearest challenger and both also lead in Nevada, the host state of last night’s debate. Nevada will play a vital role in electing the 45th president, the state third to vote in the primaries behind Iowa and New Hampshire.

Trump and Clinton have identical 16-point advantages on their respective fields according to the most recent CNN/ORC poll in the Silver State.

No Go Joe

Declared a convincing winner of the debate, Clinton’s performance left Vice President Joe Biden as the night’s biggest loser.

Reportedly still contemplating a run to replace his boss President Barack Obama, Biden’s inactiveness will likely cost him in the polls after Clinton seemed to reconnect with Democratic voters whose loyalty to her has recently come into question.

“If Biden’s only rationale is that Clinton is tanking, then that’s no longer an option,” political consultant Stephanie Cutter told the New York Times.

Maria Cardona, Clinton’s 2008 campaign advisor, took it a step further. “After last night, there is little room, if any, to find a rationale for Joe Biden to jump into the race.”

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