Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders Dominate New Hampshire Primaries

Posted on February 10th, 2016 by Daniel Ryder
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders New Hampshire

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, left, have little policy in common but they do share the fact that they both dominated their New Hampshire primaries. (Image:

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have won New Hampshire, and it wasn’t even close.

The billionaire casino tycoon and real estate mammoth Trump bested his Republican challengers by nearly 20 percent. Vermont Senator Sanders furloughed Clinton by 22 points, a defeat that toppled all expectations and will give new life to the 74-year-old’s campaign for the Democratic ticket.

“What happened here in New Hampshire … is what will happen all over this country.” Sanders said in his victory speech. “Let us never forget, Democrats and progressives win when voter turnout is high. Republicans win when people are demoralized, and voter turnout is low.”

Trump followed Sanders and told his supporters, “I heard part of Bernie’s speech. He wants to give away our country, folks. We’re not going to let it happen… We’re going to make America great again.”

Christie’s Last Stand

It’s slim pickings for online poker advocates looking to elect a nominee that wouldn’t work against the Internet gaming movement while serving in the White House. Aside from Trump, who made much of his wealth off the gambling industry, the next best thing for conservatives was assumed to be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The Garden State legalized online poker under Christie’s watch and the two-term Republican responded to a daily fantasy sports question during a debate in October by saying, “Are we really talking about getting the government involved in daily fantasy sports? Let people play!”

Christie went all-in in New Hampshire, but it didn’t pay off Tuesday as the governor received just seven percent of the vote for a sixth-place finish. “We bet the ranch on New Hampshire, and no one ever anticipated the Trump phenomenon,” a Christie aide told ABC News.

With Christie out, the Republican race is predominantly down to Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

Rubio is known in the iPoker community for co-sponsoring the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) with Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina). RAWA would restore the Wire Act to its 2011 interpretation and prohibit wire communications for betting and wagering.

Clinton Unfazed

Clinton is spinning her whopping in New Hampshire by looking forward to the race moving south where more minority and diverse populations reside, two demos she performs extraordinarily well with compared to Sanders.

“Now, we take this campaign to the entire country,” Clinton told her crowd. “We’ve learned it’s not whether you get knocked down that matters: It’s whether you get back up, so my friends, please join me in building on the progress we’ve made under President Obama.”

Clinton and Sanders both voted in favor of the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that criminalized Internet casinos through ending payment processors’ legal right to accept money online for gambling activities.

That single vote is really all Democrats have to run on as it relates to selecting the best man or woman for the job of president.

One Democrat who does apparently enjoy poker: President Obama. The current commander in chief revealed last month that he occasionally carries a lucky poker chip in his pocket.

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