Full Flush Poker Closes Colluding Accounts

Posted on February 18th, 2014 by Todd Wilkins

Full Flush Poker Closes Colluding AccountsAccording to a statement on the Equity Poker Network website, a collusion ring on Full Flush Poker has been identified and the guilty players´ accounts closed.

Under the headline Equity Poker Network Takes a Strong Hand with Fraud the statement revealed that the Security and Fraud Department at Full Flush Poker had stopped a collusion ring in its tracks.

The statement claimed that a potential issue had been identified, which was then investigated and resulted in a number of accounts being closed; with the perpetrators having their funds confiscated and being permanently banned from the network as per the network´s policy.

All players who had lost money to the colluders will be notified and their bankrolls will be reimbursed from the confiscated funds. The process of repaying the colluders´ victims is likely to take a couple of days according to the statement, and the affected account holders will be contacted shortly.

Full Flush Poker Anti-Collusion Policy

Since being launched in November 2013, Full Flush Poker has grown significantly in terms of the number of players competing on the site; but with a seven day average of only 130 cash game players (according to the latest reports from PokerScout.com) the potential for collusion still exists.

The Security and Fraud Department at Full Flush Poker is fully aware of this potential, and dedicates a significant amount of space on its website to explain the resources it uses to prevent collusion whenever possible:

As a safeguard against collusion, FullFlushPoker.com employs sophisticated tracking algorithms. Our software tracks betting patterns as they relate to players’ relative hand strength over a long period, cross-referencing this information with that obtained from the other players at the table. Patterns may emerge that indicate possible collusion, and action will be taken.

The site also invites players who believe they have been the victim of collusion to contact them if they would like any potentially fraudulent activity investigated.

Spokesperson Doesn´t Mince His (or Her) Words

Within the statement published on the Equity Poker Network website, a member of the Security and Fraud Department – identified as EPN Spokesperson – commented that the network´s swift response to this act of collusion was evidence that the site is well equipped to cope with illegal player conduct. He (or she) said:

The welfare of our players is our top priority and we will not tolerate cheating or any other form of fraud occurring on our Network. We take all precautions to safeguard our network, and to protect our players and their bankrolls. We are thankful that our highly skilled Fraud Team was able to identify this aberration, and deal with the perpetrators quickly and permanently.

Because of the nature of this aberration, the Fraud team at Full Flush Poker was not able to reveal the nature of the collusion or the names of the accounts that were closed.

Security a Primary Feature at Full Flush Poker

Not entirely by chance, our team at PokerSites.us noted the high level of security and integrity on the site when preparing our Full Flush Poker review. We also recommended Full Flush Poker for its easy-to-clear (and recently improved) first deposit bonus, and for its deep tournament payout structure; which makes it virtually impossible to lose money on the site.

By publicly announcing that Full Flush Poker has identified and banned colluders at the online poker tables, we feel safer than ever before play on the site and take advantage of a relatively weak player pool and some potentially lucrative promotions.

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