Infiniti Comes to an End

Posted on March 6th, 2014 by Andy Walker

Infiniti Comes to an EndInfiniti Poker – a site which was “all about consumer confidence” – appears to have closed its doors after a series of incompetent and questionable cock-ups.

The longest ever launch of an online poker site seems to have come to an end, as players attempting to log into the Infiniti Poker client or access the site´s webpage are met with blank screens and error messages.

Site founder Michael Hajduk said that Infiniti Poker would “Defy the Ordinary” when it first went into beta-testing in 2012 – a year behind schedule – but ever since has only managed to miss deadlines, break promises and, for the past two months, failed to process players´ cashouts.

Opportunity Missed to Tie Up Bitcoin Market

One of the major attractions of Infiniti Poker for US players was that it included Bitcoin among its deposit and withdrawal options and, at the time beta-testing started, the software was reportedly much better than its only competitor in the Bitcoin market -Seals with Clubs.

By the time Infiniti Poker eventually soft-launched in October 2013, there were plenty of Bitcoin only gaming sites on the scene (Satoshi, Strike Sapphire etc) and several well-established poker sites started to accept Bitcoin as a deposit option (Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker etc).

Having missed the opportunity to tie up the Bitcoin market, Infiniti Poker then went through a period when it was unable to transact Bitcoin withdrawals – allegedly due to players using the site as Bitcoin exchange and withdrawing in Bitcoin after having deposited in dollars – destroying any consumer confidence it had attempted to establish among the Bitcoin community.

Over Promising and Under Delivering

Bitcoin transactions were not the only issue which plagued Infiniti Poker. Players were driven away during the soft-launch phase by frequent periods of not being able to connect to the site for days due to “unscheduled maintenance” and the headline promotion of “$50.00 no deposit credit” was found to have serious cracks in it.

Infiniti Poker´s promise of “50% rakeback to all players” was found to apply only to players who played in excess of 300,000 hands at 100NL (or the equivalent at lower stakes) but, with minimal traffic on the site, achieving the target was impossible.

A promised Mac client and a tournament schedule failed to materialize and eventually, the site parted ways with its sponsored pro – WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Smith. The ultimate act of incompetence was when Infinity Poker programmers inadvertently geo-blocked the whole of Canada.

Issues and Excuses

Withdrawal issues started in January when players complained that withdrawals were being deducted from their accounts but not credited to their accounts or Bitcoin wallets. Infinity Poker gave various excuses for the lack of payments and publicly banned players via Twitter for allegedly chip dumping, collusion and multi-accounting.

Further excuses followed about payment processor problems and, according to the Infinity Poker rep on 2+2 “JCMSwag”, Infiniti Poker were in the process of changing their bank accounts in order to clear up the backlog of cashout requests.

That last 2+2 post was written on 17th February, since when there has been no activity on the forum, on Twitter or on Reddit – on which JCMSwag was previously particularly active. The Infiniti Poker Facebook page has also not seen any activity since the 17th February, despite players requesting information about when they are likely to be paid.

Is This the End of Infiniti?

Infiniti Poker has disappeared from sight before, only to return with excuses for their absence and promises of a better poker product (and usually a revised date for a hard launch). Unfortunately, this time it would appear that that end of Infinity is nigh, and any resurrection of the poker site in any format is likely to be treated with the contempt it deserves.  Take a look at our dedicated page about Bitcoin Poker for some more serious alternatives.

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