“Inside Poker with Matt Savage” Premieres Tonight on Poker Central

Posted on March 7th, 2016 by Jon Pineda
Inside Poker Matt Savage Poker Central

“Inside Poker” host Matt Savage is aiming to give fans an in-depth look at the game of poker through interviewing the most influential characters in the sport today. (Image: WJ Media/ allinmag.com)

“Inside Poker with Matt Savage” takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the game they so dearly cherish for a one-on-one with many of poker’s most influential names.

From tournament directors to World Series of Poker champions, “Inside Poker” will feature “in-depth and unfiltered conversations . . . on hot topics within the poker world, as well as poker tips and advice from the pros and ‘inside-the-ropes’ stories from the top events and card rooms around the country.”

The new series premieres tonight, March 7 at 9:30 ET/6:30 PT on Poker Central, with Savage interviewing Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart, and 2012 WSOP Main Event champ Greg Merson.

In what might be a play on the National Basketball Association’s “Inside Stuff,” an iconic program that dates back to 1990, “Inside Poker” gives fans an exclusive look at the game of poker.

Macho Man Savage

Though his name might not be as household as those he’ll be interviewing, Matt Savage is the perfect personality to host “Inside Poker.” One of the founding members of the Tournament Directors Association, Savage is a tournament director extraordinaire who has been responsible for events around the globe on the World Poker Tour (WPT) circuit.

He currently serves as tournament director for the Bay 101 Casino in San Jose and the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, the latter being the largest card room in the world.

Savage has also provided color commentary for over 300 television shows including WSOP and WPT events.
“Poker Central is committed to being the world’s TV channel for all things poker by providing unprecedented coverage of the poker world and insider access,” Poker Central CEO Clint Stinchcomb said of the new series.

King of Poker

Poker Central is billing Savage as the “Larry King of Poker,” an ode to the famed television and radio host whose program on CNN ran for a quarter-century.

The world’s first and only 24/7 poker “television” network, Poker Central allows users to stream its content for free through various Internet media players including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Xbox, and Apple TV.

The network’s unavailability through traditional cable means has led to a rather small and segregated audience. Users must actively search for Poker Central, as compared to browsing television listings and simply coming across a poker-themed broadcast.

Although current programs like “Pokerography” has been well received, a 30-minute episodic series documenting the game’s most celebrated players, the platform needs more eyeballs.

Poker Central reached an agreement in December with the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC). The Cooperative negotiates deals with cable operators for network inclusions, but reaching agreements with mega-corporations like Comcast and Time Warner takes considerable time.

It’s unclear when, or if, Poker Central might eventually land in your cable listings.

That’s why Savage certainly has his work cut out for him if he hopes to live up to those Larry King expectations. He’s expected to receive an assist when Alexandre Dreyfus’ Global Poker League begins airing on Poker Central next month.

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