Jason Somerville Returns to Livestreaming Online Poker Games After Year Hiatus

Posted on September 6th, 2018 by Alana Markoff

He’s back! Jason Somerville returned to livestream online poker games on his Run it Up Twitch channel this past weekend for the first time in a year.

Jason Somerville WCOOP

Jason Somerville was back in action livestreaming WCOOP tournaments on Twitch after a one-year hiatus. (Image: pokermediapro.com)

The popular livestreamer got back to his roots unannounced, surprising his many fans. He took in some early PokerStars WCOOP action on Sunday in front of a live audience.

Somerville, the long-time PokerStars ambassador who uses the online poker screen name “jcarverpoker,” has been one of the most popular livestreamers for years. His friendly demeanor and ability to engage with his audience makes him one of the best in the business.

Back Where He Belongs

Somerville got back into the livestream game unannounced on Wednesday prior to the start of the WCOOP, which began on Sunday. He played some pre-WCOOP games on PokerStars, mostly MTT’s and heads-up SNG’s.

“The funny thing about this stream is nobody expects me to be streaming right now. So, I’m just here, by myself, talking to myself, which has happened to me many times before in my life,” he joked to his unusually small audience at the beginning of his Wednesday stream.

Jason didn’t just show up for one session. He streamed for hours daily throughout the weekend and plans to show off his WCOOP action live to his fans on Twitch for the next three weeks.

The most exciting moments of his weekend livestream came on Sunday during the $1,050 buy-in WCOOP PLO event. Somerville was stuck on a small stack for quite some time as the bubble approached.

After waiting for a spot to double-up, or at least avoid the bubble, he picked up pocket aces and flopped the nut flush draw. He shoved all-in and was called by the player on the button who was holding top two-pair. Despite having 15 outs, including a gut shot straight, he bricked the turn and river and was eliminated on the bubble.

More WCOOP Action

Somerville didn’t have much luck during the first day of WCOOP but it’s a long series. The online poker extravaganza runs until September 17 and features over 180 tournaments with $116 million guaranteed in prize pool money.

Somerville will livestream the tournaments he plays throughout the series. He played low, medium, and high buy-in events on the first day of the 2018 WCOOP.

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