Jonathan Duhamel’s Ex Denied Request to Stay in Prison

Posted on July 2nd, 2014 by Alana Markoff
Jonathan Duhamel, Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, WSOP 2010, World Series of Poker

Jonathan Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse will be released from prison on parole, despite her apparent wishes to stay. (Image: Facebook)

We all think we know how the parole system is supposed to work. A prisoner, hopefully reformed, asks to be released a bit early, while others involved in their case may argue for or against the release. That’s more or less what happened in the case of Bianca Rojas-Latraverse, the former girlfriend of World Series of Poker champion Jonathan Duhamel. It’s just that the roles were reversed in a way you might not expect.

The National Parole Board of Canada has ruled that Rojas-Latraverse would not be allowed to stay in prison, despite that fact that she expressed a desire to do so. Rojas-Latraverse stated that she wished to finish her three-and-a-half year sentence in prison, although the parole board wanted her to be released after serving just two-thirds of that sentence.

Request Made to “Reduce the Pain”

The 22-year-old Rojas-Latraverse did have a reason behind her unusual request. According to her, she felt that staying in prison for the duration of her sentence would help “reduce the pain” for Duhamel, who was the victim of the brutal home invasion she helped orchestrate back in 2011. But Parole Board Commissioner Anne-Marie Asselin said that wasn’t an option they were willing to consider.

“The Corrections and Conditional Release Act stipulates that you will be released under supervision on the prescribed date and remain [free] until your sentence expires,” she wrote.

Rojas-Latraverse pleaded guilty to the crime only last year. However, she was sentenced to just two more years in prison along with 18 months of time served. When ordering her parole, the board noted that Rojas-Latraverse had suffered through a challenging childhood, one that included abandonment by her father and sexual abuse.

“The main factors that contributed to your criminal behavior are poor management of your emotions, and lax and criminal values: idleness, significant emotional immaturity and the lure of easy money,” the board wrote.

Home Invasion Planned by Rojas-Latraverse

The crime at the heart of this case took place back in 2011. That December, Duhamel was the victim of a home invasion in which two men attacked him in his home just south of Montreal.

“Two men broke into my house and I was physically assaulted and robbed,” Duhamel wrote soon after the attack. “After being threatened with death and having given them everything I had, I was bound and hit repeatedly in the face and body before my attackers left.”

Duhamel didn’t suffer any permanent or serious injuries from the assault, but he was robbed of a significant amount of cash. In addition, the men also stole his 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event bracelet, as well as a Rolex watch that was given to him by PokerStars to commemorate his victory.

It later became apparent that the crime was planned by Rojas-Latraverse, who had dated Duhamel for a time after the 2010 Main Event. The relationship ended after about four months.

About a week after the robbery, four suspects were arrested in connection with the incident, with Rojas-Latraverse facing conspiracy charges. The three men involved were found with the missing Rolex, while Duhamel’s bracelet and much of the cash were soon recovered as well.

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