Nevada GCB Meeting Reviews Interstate Compacts

Posted on September 14th, 2013 by Todd Wilkins

Nevada Gaming Control BoardThe Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB) met on Wednesday to further discuss regulations concerning interstate online poker partnerships.

It appears likely that the drafting of said interstate compact regulations will be finalized next month, paving the way for Governor Brian Sandoval to begin serious discussions with other states. The Silver State governor informed VegasInc that preliminary talks have already gotten underway with representatives from other states, but that nothing can be formalized until the Nevada Gaming Commission and GCB adopt the necessary regulations.

Tabbed to spearhead the drafting of the regulations is lead gaming commissioner John Moran, Jr. A former Frontier casino slot machine foreman, Moran practices law in Nevada and has experience in interstate compact matters not directly tied to gambling.

The GCB meeting lasted more than two hours and also saw board members entertain a petition by International Game Technology (IGT) and Bally Technologies aimed at allowing partnerships with other states in awarding progressive slot machine jackpots. Both companies are the top dogs in Nevada with regard to slot machine manufacturing, and both would like to see slot jackpots follow the lead of the Powerball lottery with participation by multiple jurisdictions.

IGT and Bally are also both licensed in the state for online poker, with Bally making history as the first state to receive the rubber-stamped approval of gaming officials. Those same officials have awarded dozens of interactive gaming licenses in various categories in Nevada, but have thus far allowed only Ultimate Poker to turn on the virtual switch.

The gaming commission will now review the discussions held at Wednesday’s GCB meeting. Public hearings will most likely be held on the matter in October, but no exact dates have been fixed.

With Delaware set to launch in late October and New Jersey aiming for an end of November online gambling rollout, Nevada officials look to be right on time with regulating interstate compact agreements. There are also indications that some states that choose not to approve of online poker sites within their borders will instead pass laws allowing their residents to play in states such as Nevada under cross-border partnership agreements.

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