Nevada Looking to Expand Online Poker Legislation

Posted on February 7th, 2013 by Todd Wilkins

Nevada Looking to Expand Online Poker LegislationNevada State is looking to amend gaming legislation to allow interstate online poker.

Legislators in Nevada are hoping to amend legislation that limits online poker to intrastate activities and to expand it to cover interstate poker. The current law allows licensed operators of online poker to offer the game only within the state’s borders.

The state will soon be presented with Assembly Bill 5 which will be discussed. This Bill requests the removal of certain clauses from the original law and the addition of new clauses. It particularly focuses on the removal of the need for Federal law to authorize specific games.

Clauses to be included in the new bill would allow the Governor to negotiate with other states to allow eligible players to engage in interactive gaming activities available from licensed operators in the participating states. This would mean that licensed operators would be able to accept players from outside the borders of Nevada.

These steps have been taken in an effort to increase the player base of licensed sites within the state. Only players residing in states that have legislature allowing online poker, such as Nevada, would be able to register to play in Nevada. The increase of player traffic at poker websites is expected to benefit the operator and the players.

These sorts of interstate agreements, when it comes to gambling, are not new in the United States. The Powerball and Mega Million Jackpot lotteries are played by participants around the country with 42 states in reciprocity agreement. People residing in one of the states that are not part of the agreement may not participate in the games. Participating states exclude Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, as well as California for the Powerball lottery and Florida for the Mega Millions game.

A.G. Burnett, Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board expressed his view that a change in the legislature would benefit the State of Nevada. He stated that operators would become more competitive and thus improve their service.

Tom Breitling, Chairman of Ultimate Gaming focused his positive comments on the increased player base that would result from such an agreement. He maintains that players are interested in a larger pool of players and larger pots of money and that this agreement would ensure both outcomes.

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