New Jersey Online Gambling Legislation Moves Ahead

Posted on December 18th, 2012 by Todd Wilkins

New Jersey Online Gambling Legislation Moves AheadMonday saw the New Jersey Assembly pass Bill A2578 which could see internet gambling offered to state gamblers from authorized Atlantic City casinos.

The Bill, which passed with a 48-24 (four abstentions) majority, will now be put to the State Senate on Thursday. It is believed that there is enough support for the bill to pass in the Senate. The final hurdle for the bill will be a decision by New Jersey Chris Christie, who will have the final say as to whether the bill can become law or note.

While Christie vetoed a similar bill last year, proponents of online gambling, such as State Senator Raymond Lesniak, believe that they have a better case on their hands this time around, considering that the US Department of Justice has clarified its stance on internet gambling, saying that it no longer believes most forms of this entertainment violate the Wire Act.

Governor Christie has never being outright opposed to online gambling and said earlier this year that he believed New Jersey should be in that business, and that he thought that the state should be an epicenter for that business.

NJ Online Gambling Legislation Good for Business

There are many reasons why Governor Christie should sign in favor of the online gambling bill. First of all, it has the serious potential of saving some of Atlantic City’s twelve land-based casinos which have been struggling with declining figures for six consecutive years. Super Storm Sandy added to the area’s woes and some of the town’s resorts may be forced to shut down permanently. Adding online gambling to these facilities could prove to be a real boost to their revenues.

New Jersey would also benefit from the gross revenues in taxes collected from the online gambling ventures, and Senator Lesniak believes that the sum could reach as much as $100 million a year for the state.

New Jersey would also become a leading regulatory hub for online gambling in the area, serving other states and adding hundreds, if not thousands, of new jobs to the state’s roster.

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