New Jersey Taking Steps in Regulation of Online Gambling

Posted on May 24th, 2013 by Renee Kingsley

New Jersey Taking Steps in Regulation of Online GamblingOn June 3rd a draft will be proposed regarding Internet gambling regulations

The state of New Jersey is finally taking steps to begin the historic process of online gaming regulation. On June 3rd there will be a draft published by the Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey which will include proposed regulations for Internet gambling. This will open a period for the public to comment which will last for 60 days. The draft for these regulations is already on the division’s website even before the official publication. So far, the indication is that the regulations appear to be to the players’ likings for the most part.

Executive director Pappas of the Poker Players Alliance has said that there are some things that they may look into and address during the comment period, but it appears he feels the regulations seem to be pretty fair. This is a positive reaction from a very important body in the gambling world.

One of the problems spotted with the regulations which may bring some concerns is the forfeiture of funds on dormant accounts. It states that players who have no account activity for a period of one year will forfeit any balance they have in their account. Also, there is an extensive process players will need to go through in order to verify their identity and many may find the process to be a bit much.

Players Will Have Some Reasons to be Relieved

There are many positive elements to the draft that players will appreciate. One of these includes the fact that the deposits will be simple and there are many methods players can use to take care of their deposits. Also, any players who have issues with unfair treatment can go to the Division of Gambling Enforcement and file a complaint.

New Jersey is well on its way of becoming the first of the states to implement regulations for complete Internet gambling. This may be the starting point for other states to follow suit and many changes may be seen in the near future with regards to online gambling. August 2nd will be the final day of the public comment period. New Jersey has now taken one big step to show that it is one of the forerunners when it comes to taking charge of Internet gambling and setting regulations in place which will protect players and prove to be effective.

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