New Software on its Way for Seals With Clubs

Posted on February 5th, 2014 by Andy Walker

New Software on its Way for Seals With ClubsPlayers on the Bitcoin poker site Seals With Clubs will be delighted to hear that new software is soon to be rolled out to improve the stability of the site.

Ever since Seals With Clubs was first launched in August 2011, the site has been affected by software problems, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and server hacks. Now, all these issues are coming to an end according to Seals With Clubs Chairman Bryan Micon.

Micon recently hosted an AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on the social networking site Reddit, in which he was asked various questions about the future of Seals With Clubs; with many contributors asking about future software improvements.

Micon acknowledged that many intended software improvements had been delayed because of security issues that the site had encountered over Christmas and the New Year, and introduced “Dr Huh” to the discussion – one of the Seal Team 6 programmers – to explain the current situation.

Dr Huh´s “To-Do-List”

Dr Huh explained that much of his time – and the time of other programmers – has recently been dedicated to rewriting the software and changing the original encryption program to a more sophisticated one in order to provide the site with a higher grade of security.

He also has a “to-do-list” which he has been instructed to complete by the end of Q1, and which consists of:

  • Improving the stability of the server
  • Adding disconnection protection for players
  • Introducing late registration for tournaments
  • Auditing the code that accesses the player database
  • Reducing the bandwidth required to play poker at Seals with Clubs

These improvements, Dr Huh said, will allow a growing number of players – including those using Seal With Club´s mobile app – to enjoy uninterrupted play on the site, will allow the site´s schedule of tournaments to develop and save the site money due to Seals With Club´s policy of refunding players who lose funds through a software outrage.

Bryan Micon´s Wish List

Bryan Micon also answered questions about further changes that he would like to see on Seals With Clubs. He stated that he would like to see an expansion of the games currently offered on the site and hinted that quite soon players could have the option of playing Open Faced Chinese Poker and Mixed Poker Games on the site (although he also asked for any totally insane Zuckerberg+ coder who knew how that could be achieved to contact him).

He confirmed that Seals With Clubs would remain exclusively a Bitcoin poker site, that he had no intention of catering for other crypto-currencies or “real money poker”, and that there was also the possibility that a new site could be introduced which would cater for players with smaller bankrolls considering the steep rise in the value of Bitcoin over the past twelve months.

Micon closed the AMA by thanking everybody who had contributed to the discussion – and particularly those who had kind words to say about Seals With Clubs – and redirected those who had individual account issues to Seals With Clubs Customer Services and the active support thread on the forum.

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