Amaya Founder and CEO David Baazov Named in Trading Allegations by Quebec Authorities

Amaya Founder and CEO David Baazov is one of three individuals named in an investigation by Quebec’s securities regulatory authority on suspicions of utilizing information to which had access to aid in stock trades and manipulate the company’s overall valuation.

PokerStars New Jersey Full Launch is Underway

PokerStars New Jersey has officially launched. After a five-year absence, the world’s largest poker site is finally back on American soil.

PokerStars New Jersey Off to Successful Soft Launch Minus Few Technical Glitches

PokerStars New Jersey is once again open for business five years after the online card room’s dot com domain was seized by US federal authorities in 2011.

Donald Trump Increases Lead Over Challengers, Sheldon Adelson Shows His Hand

Donald Trump continued his surge in the Republican primary race for the 2016 general election over rivals Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich on Tuesday by winning Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Latest Full Tilt Restitution Payments Makes 94 Percent of All Petitioners Whole, Delaware iPoker Up

Full Tilt Poker is approaching the end of finally restoring player balances in the United States as a result of the company’s settlement agreement with the Southern District Court of New York.

PokerStars Soft Launch in New Jersey Scheduled for Wednesday, March 16

PokerStars will be available to 500 players in New Jersey beginning at 4 PM local time on Wednesday, March 16. The soft launch will run from 4-8 PM on Wednesday and Thursday, 8 AM to midnight on Friday, and then 24/7 on Saturday and Sunday.

Sen. Marco Rubio’s Presidential Aspirations Mimic Odds of RAWA Passage

Florida Senator Marco Rubio can claim just one of the 15 states that have made their voices heard in deciding who will represent the GOP in the 2016 presidential general election.

“Inside Poker with Matt Savage” Premieres Tonight on Poker Central

“Inside Poker with Matt Savage” takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the game they so dearly cherish for a one-on-one with many of poker’s most influential names.

Tribal Gambling Revenue at Indian Facilities Grossed $28.9 Billion in 2014, Mammoth Industry Impeding iPoker?

Tribal gambling grossed an astonishing $28.9 billion in 2014 across the United States’ 489 Native American gaming facilities. According to the Casino City Press’ Indian Gaming Industry Report authored by economist Dr. Alan Meister, overall revenues grew by two percent during the year in reaching the all-time high.

Trump vs. Clinton: Who’s Better for Opponents of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act?

A Trump vs. Clinton 2016 general election has many Americans concerned for the well-being of the country, but as it relates to online poker and making sure the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) doesn’t advance, the political battle could be the country’s best bet.