Poker Movie “Gutshot Straight” Expected for Fall Release

Posted on August 18th, 2014 by Jon Pineda
Actor Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal will star in “Gutshot Straight,” a poker movie slated for a September release. (Image:

“Gutshot Straight,” a new Hollywood look at the rougher edges of the poker world, is getting ready for a September release, according to its trailer. Poker movies haven’t given film buffs much to get excited about in recent years; the last film that featured card players came out last year, and that entry, “Runner Runner,” wasn’t received well at all by either audiences or critics.

Steven Seagal will be the biggest star involved in “Gutshot Straight,” a film set for North American release on September 1, 2014. The film hasn’t received much attention so far, and there has been very little publicity or information released just a few weeks ahead of the premiere date, which has left many wondering just what’s in store for viewers next month.

Poker May Not Be Main Focus of Film

There is, however, a trailer for the film, one that gives some insight into the plot of the movie. In this case, it appears as though “Gutshot Straight” won’t be entirely centered on poker, but rather on a gambler who plays the game regularly and his disheveled life outside its realm.

The film appears to be about Jack (played by George Eads), a Las Vegas gambler and poker player who may have a bit of a problem. Jack finds himself owing a lot of money to some bad people, and he’ll need to find a way to make more money and quickly if he wants to get out of trouble.

“Gutshot Straight” seems to be more about the action away from the table than the ins and outs of three-bets and check-raises. Seagal’s character, Paulie Trunks, appears to befriend Jack in an attempt to help him get out of trouble. There are fight scenes, gun battles, deaths and more. Essentially, it’s everything you’d expect from a cookie-cutter end-of-summer action movie, with a little bit of poker thrown in for flavor.

Cast Features Prominent Actors

Plenty of other notable actors are also taking part in the film, even if it isn’t clear exactly what their roles entail at this point. Ted Levine of “Monk” fame plays Lewis, while Stephen Lang (“Avatar,” “Conan the Barbarian”) takes the role of Duffy. Tia Carrere (“True Lies,” “Wayne’s World”) is also part of the project, playing Leanne.

“Gutshot Straight” is directed by Justin Steele (“Death and Cremation”) and was written by Jerry Rapp (“Mojave Phone Booth,” “Moving Alan”).

Just how will “Gutshot Straight” go down in poker movie history? Plenty of films have overcome a lack of initial buzz to find success, but it’s hard to imagine this movie entering the ranks of all-time great poker classics like “Rounders”. The 1998 film, starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton and Gretchen Mol, is considered by most to be the best poker movie in the modern era, which has led many to hope for a sequel. Last December, Harvey Weinstein suggested that such a project could come to fruition in the near future.

On the other hand, some recent poker films have left a sour taste in the mouths of fans. Last year’s “Runner Runner” starred Justin Timberlake as a college student who finds himself cheated by an online poker site, who then travels to Costa Rica to track down the owner of the site, played by Ben Affleck). The film was widely panned by critics and was not a commercial success. Whether “Gutshot Straight,” like its name, can beat the odds, remains to be seen.

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