PokerStars Boycott Commences December 1st, Full Tilt Adds New Avatar

Posted on November 30th, 2015 by Jon Pineda

PokerStars boycott strike VIP Supernova Elite

Professional online players are holding a PokerStars boycott in response to the approaching changes to the network’s VIP program. (Image:

The planned PokerStars boycott will launch tonight, December 1st at midnight, and last for 72 hours as hundreds of poker pros around the world take a public stance against what they feel are unwelcomed changes to the platform’s VIP program set to become implemented in 2016.

Angered that PokerStars will be ending its Supernova Elite (SNE) status level on January 1st and removing rewards for high-stakes games ($5/$10+), the high-rollers are making their voices heard by taking their playing offline for three days.

Led by Dani Stern, the movement initiated on the Two Plus Two forums has since gained support from numerous top-tier names including Doug Polk, Dan O’Brien, Phil Galfond, and many others.

“Don’t play tournaments. Don’t play sit and goes. Don’t play cash games. Don’t log on,” Stern tweeted. “Games will be soft, resist the urge.”

December 1st is also “Giving Tuesday” in the United States, an annual day created in response to the commercialization and consumerism of the holiday season in which people are encouraged to donate to philanthropic and charitable organizations.

But in the poker-sphere, pros will be giving their two cents on what they find to be an erroneous change to their beloved Internet poker home.

Recreational Hazard

PokerStars credits its changes as an attempt to cater to the more casual online poker player.

Dubbed “VIP Steps,” the forthcoming rewards program is, at least according to PokerStars, an improvement on the previous method and is “designed to make it even easier to track your progress towards your next VIP status.”

“While the impact is significant for the highest level VIP tiers, it will affect a small percentage of our entire player base,” PokerStars wrote of its revamped policy last summer. “We have always believed that poker should primarily be played for the fun and competitive aspects of the game.” 

Stern calls fallacy on Amaya’s claims of simply looking out for the amateur player, the poker pro writing that the highly touted rakeback changes will only benefit one level of VIP status, ChromeStar, and it will only help those players to the tune of 30 cents per month.

“While PokerStars claims the changes are to provide relief to recreational players, there is no such change happening. They are telling their players outright lies, and we will not stand for it,” Stern concludes.

The eyes of the online poker world are now on PokerStars to see if the network responds to the boycott.

Full Tilt Air Dancing

It’s been alluring passing motorists into car dealerships and other businesses for years, and now that inflatable tube dancing thingamajig is coming to a Full Tilt table near you.

PokerStars’ sister platform held a weeklong vote to determine the newest addition to its pool of monikers, and in the end Inflatable Tube Man outlasted Rocker 4,638 votes to 3,314.

For partaking in deciding which moniker would win, 10 random voters picked up a $10 tournament ticket credit. Inflatable Tube Man will be released on the Full Tilt client in the coming weeks.

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