PokerStars’ Common Cents Kick Off Breaks Records, Offers a 99 Million Percent ROI

Posted on October 8th, 2015 by Daniel Ryder
PokerStars’ Common Cents Kick Off is biggest tournament ever

PokerStars’ Common Cents kick off offered the best ROI for the winner in poker history, and a $97,000 for an investment of just $0.01. (Image:

PokerStars has smashed its own record for the internet’s biggest ever tournament field by over 25,000 players.

In total 253,698 runners registered for the inaugural event in the online poker giant’s new budget tournament series, Common Cents, a sign that reports of the death of online poker may have been greatly exaggerated.

The Common Sense Kick Off also may deserve the record of the most generous online poker tournament of all time.

With a $0.01 buy-in, and a $100,000 guarantee, the prize pool may have been nothing unusual but the overlay was over $97,000.

PokerStars was essentially giving money away, and, with a ROI of 99 million percent for the winner, no wonder they flocked in their droves.

Poker for the Masses

Thanks to the turbo blind structure, the whole thing was over in six hours 38 minutes, when Austrian player “DaDumon” emerged from the wreckage in the number one spot.

He cashed for $10,000, while more than 26,000 people made the money, and as you might imagine his Sharkscope graph has just gone through the roof!

The previous world record was set by PokerStars in 2013 when 225,000 players showed up for the “World Record Tournament” that was part of the celebrations surrounding the site’s 100 billionth hand dealt.

That one had an entry fee of $1 and a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool, for an overlay of around $75,000.

It seems that PokerStars has its own future ROI in mind, and for now is happy to throw money at low stakes players in a bid to win back recreationals.

The entire Common Cents festival, announced just last week, is built with this in mind.

Random Buy-ins

The seven-day festival offers two micro-roller events per day, culminating in a $0.99 main event on October 11 with a $25,000-guarantee.

Meanwhile, 500 free seats will be awarded to this event, at random, to players playing in any of the supporting events.

For the first hour of every Common Cents tournament, PokerStars will choose a random table every minute to receive free buy-ins to the event.

And throughout the festival, PokerStars will be running a leaderboard, with the top 100 players at the close of the festival receiving a share of a $1,000 prize pool.

There’s been a big shift in the online poker landscape recently. Full Tilt banned heads up play and seat selection, Unibet and now Party Poker have banned HUDs, while PokerStars has imposed restrictions on third-party software.

It’s clear the focus of the online poker industry is drifting inexorably toward the mass market.

Common Cents Remaining Events

October 8 – $10,000 GTD (Buy-in: $0.44)
October 8 – $10,000 GTD (Buy-in: $0.44)

October 9 – $12,500 GTD (Buy-in: $0.55)
October 9 – $12,500 GTD (Buy-in: $0.55)

October 10 – $15,000 GTD (Buy-in: $0.66)
October 10 – $17,500 GTD (Buy-in: $0.77)

October 11 – $20,000 GTD (Buy-in: $0.88)
October 11 – MAIN EVENT $25,000 GTD (Buy-in: $0.99)

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