Pressure on Nevada to Amend Online Poker Laws

Posted on January 21st, 2013 by Renee Kingsley

Pressure on Nevada to Amend Online Poker LawsNevada Governor Brian Sandoval has asked the legislature to approve amendments to the state’s gambling laws.

Addressing the state last week, Sandoval urged law makers to vote in favor of a law which will allow him to invite other states with similar online poker and gambling regulations to share their player pools. The current law does not allow gambling licensees to offer their services on an interstate basis unless federal laws allow it.

Speaking to the state legislature, Sandoval said that the Silver State has always been the gold standard of gambling regulation and operation and he intended to see to it that Nevada leads the world in this new frontier.

He urged lawmakers to pass the newly proposed bill within a month so that Nevada does not fall behind from its current front position in the race between states to set up a licensed and regulated online poker infrastructure.

Nevada Governor Supports Federal Gambling Laws

While Governor Brian Sandoval is keen to see state laws advanced so that Nevada stays ahead in the game, he still hasn’t given up on his first preference – to see online poker regulation on a federal level.

However, Sandoval was realistic by saying: In the absence of federal action on this issue, Nevada must continue to lead.

Sandoval was a supporter of the federal bill proposed by Senators Reid and Kyl, which didn’t manage to reach fruition at the end of last year. Under the regulations proposed by Reid and Kyl, the authority to regulate a US online poker industry would have been Nevada, which has managed to clock the most experience in this field.

Sandoval’s support also stemmed from the fact that Nevada would have benefited from the creation of thousands of jobs if the bill had passed.

In the meantime, Senator Reid has not given up on his fight and said that he would continue to push for federal online poker laws. He did say, however, that he expected the fight this year to be tougher. It’s going to be harder to do than it was before, he said.

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