Reid Admits Doubts about Online Poker Bill

Posted on December 12th, 2012 by Todd Wilkins

Harry ReidHarry Reid yesterday admitted that it was highly unlikely that a bill legalizing online poker would be passed before Congress breaks for the Xmas holidays.

Speaking to news reporters after the weekly Democrat party “policy lunch”, the Senate Majority Leader blamed Republicans for holding up the passage of bills to which the proposed online legislation could be attached – stating that Republican senators were “talking in generalizations” and failing to make specific proposals which would see a number of outstanding bills voted into law.

The Democrat Senate Majority Leader made his comments despite key Senate Republicans voicing an opinion that there were sufficient votes to help advance the proposed online poker bill. A spokesperson for Senator Dean Heller stated he believed that they had lined up enough votes to support the current draft of the bill which has been circulated around Capitol Hill for almost a year – but never formally introduced.

Senator Jon Kyl – co-sponsor of the bill – was a little more cautious when questioned about the bill,

If it ever comes up in the Senate, and it’s offered in the appropriate way — that is to say not part of some bill that nobody is going to vote for — then there’s no question about Republican votes in my view.

The positioning of the bill appears to be the major problem. Senator Kyl has already warned about adding it as an amendment to the Fiscal Cliff bill or any other bill which might be subject to a partisan divide, and Harry Reid is struggling to find a suitable bill to attach the proposed poker legislation to as an amendment.

Everyone, listen to this, Reid said during his post-lunch press conference. We suddenly have Republican votes on Internet poker, two weeks before Christmas. Without being vulgar, what the hell would I put it on?

The Senator refused to declare that the prospect of legislation that would facilitate online poker in the USA was dead and hoped that there would be deals made within the next few days to pass many of the bills which were being delayed by republican reticence.

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