States Warned About Online Poker Regulation

Posted on January 8th, 2013 by Renee Kingsley

States Warned About Online Poker RegulationUS state legislators have been warned to take things slowly when it came to approving and regulating online poker and gambling within their jurisdictions.

This was the general message coming out of the three day meeting of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States, which took place in the Rio Hotel, Las Vegas in Nevada. The event draw hundreds of participants who represented over 20 states from the US that allow gambling, and even a Canadian province from across the border. The states continued to operate under their united policy that they would continue to object to federal legislation on internet poker and gambling which would diminish their own authority over gambling within their states. However, they were also warned by experts that any regulation and legalization of intrastate online poker would need to be well thought out and tightly regulated.

States Told to Become Experts on Online Gambling

At the closing panel of the three day meeting of the National Council of Legislators, one message came out very clear – no state should rush headlong into introducing online poker and gambling, and the entire process needs to be well thought out.

A representative of Lewis and Roca law firm, Tony Cabot, who attended the three day meet, said that even the most experienced professionals are never completely ready to regulate online gambling. He said that states require at least a year before their regulatory bodies are competent enough to regulate this type of industry. Cabot said that while New Jersey seems determined to go ahead with its own online poker and gambling industry, the state would be “kidding themselves” if it thought that it could get an effective regulatory system up and running within 3 months, as it plans to do.

Another thing that states need to look out for is cyber crime, which could seriously undermine the public’s confidence in the system should their accounts or the sites be hacked. Cabot warned that cheats and criminals would be on the lookout for the weakest jurisdictions and would not hesitate to penetrate systems in order to steal private and financial data if there were not enough safeguards in place.

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