Ultimate Poker Explains How Geolocation Works

Posted on March 27th, 2014 by Robert DellaFave

Ultimate Poker Explains How Geolocation WorksIn a recent tweet, @UltimatePoker posted an info-graphic detailing the idiosyncrasies of gelocation.

Since launching in Nevada last spring, Ultimate Poker has been working tirelessly to sort out the bugs associated with their relatively new geolocation technology, particularly those that prevent players located in either Nevada or New Jersey from logging on. Their efforts thus far have produced unsatisfying results, as to this day, players are still reporting issues with the software.

For the majority, geolocation issues are an occasional annoyance. But for a significant sub-section of the poker community, they’ve become more than a mere nuisance. So much so, that some players are leaving regulated sites in favor of playing on ones located off-shore. Even worse, Ultimate Poker isn’t the only site struggling with their geo-targeting tech, as players have reported at least some issues with all US regulated sites.

Recently, Ultimate Gaming, the parent company of Ultimate Poker, released an info-graphic that provides a snapshot view of how the geolocation process functions. The graphic was posted by @UltimatePoker on Twitter with the comment:

I get it. Location Verification is new & confusing. Let me walk you through how it really works.

Do I detect a hint of annoyance from the Ultimate Poker rep? Perhaps it’s due to being inundated with questions and complaints regarding geolocation.

The info-graphic itself is split into three sub-sections, with the first detailing the methods by which Ultimate Gaming verifies if a player is in New Jersey. It then goes on to explain that New Jersey is 221% larger than NV and as a result, the geolocation process is more of a challenge in the Garden State.

Finally, Ultimate outlines several Common Issues online poker players may face, such as the lack of a WiFi connection, IP address or a poor phone connection, at least indicating that there are several measures players can take before taking to the forums, complaining about their inability to log on.

Some players have resolved their issues by purchasing a simple WiFi adapter. Others have not been so fortunate; especially those that reside close to New Jersey’s state lines. Then, there are those located near the center of the state, who have taken all the measures necessary to ensure that they are verified, yet still have trouble logging on. How exactly do you explain that one Ultimate?

Now that payment processing issues are becoming less prevalent, the biggest issue facing New Jersey’s poker sites are server disconnects and other maladies caused by inaccurate verification mechanisms.

Given that NJ and NV sites have had nearly a year to rectify their software glitches, it appears that at least for now geolocation troubles are here to stay.

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