US FTP Players Irate Over GCG’s Boast of Best Claims Administrator

Posted on July 19th, 2013 by Andy Walker

Full Tilt PokerThe Garden City Group (GCG) has been recognized in the past as a firm that best exemplifies what is expected of an efficient claims administrator.

That honor had been previously bestowed upon the company by the New York Law Journal. The GCG happens to be up for the same award again this year, much to the dismay of U.S. Full Tilt Poker players.

As is well-known, Americans who patronized FTP (Full Tilt Poker) prior to Black Friday have not been reunited with their account balances for well over two years. Thousands of players with hundreds of millions of dollars owed to them have been patiently waiting for the GCG to begin processing claims. The GCG was selected for the role in March, yet has shown little progress in beginning the remission process.

Adding insult to injury, the GCG recently asked its followers via Twitter to vote positively for the firm in its quest to once again be awarded the title of Best Claims Administrator. This led to an avalanche of angry responses from U.S. Full Tilt players, many of whom are wondering how the GCG finds the time to boast of its efficiency while neglecting to update the players.

The GCG established a website four months ago that was intended to inform players of the progress being made in the reimbursement process. While many players with frozen account balances signed up to be notified of the latest goings-on, nary an email has been forthcoming since the sign up was allowed. As a result, players remain in the dark regarding the remission process.

Whatever firm happens to be running against GCG in the bid to be named the industry’s best, the poker community would undoubtedly cast their collective vote for that firm. How can the GCG be awarded the honor of best claims administrator when after four months in charge, players are apparently no closer to being reunited with their funds since the GCG took over the case?

Shouldn’t the best in the business at least use proper communication skills in relaying information to potential claimants? We have barely heard a peep out of the GCG since March, yet should somehow believe that the firm is at the top of the heap when it comes to properly handling claims?

The GCG has a wide assortment of cases that it is currently facilitating. A peek at the company’s website reveals as much. The claim administrators are likely a very busy bunch at several locations throughout the U.S. But the GCG is apparently not too busy to tout their own achievements via Twitter while U.S. Full Tilt players continue waiting with no clue on upcoming deadlines or information regarding claim submission.

If there is an award for lack of communication regarding claims administration, that award should rightly go to GCG. The best claims administrator should be one that informs claimants with periodic updates to at least show that some progress, however little, is being made to reunite players with their funds.

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