Zone Poker Launched by Bovada, Fast Fold for US Players

Posted on August 7th, 2013 by Andy Walker

Bovada PokerUS poker players are being invited to “Step Inside the Zone” by Bovada Poker, who yesterday launched their fast-fold poker product – Zone Poker.

Online poker in the US has been starved of fast-fold poker ever since Full Tilt Poker was closed down in April 2011 and, with it, the incredibly popular Rush Poker games. Now Bovada Poker has launched Zone Poker – the first fast-fold poker game for online poker players in the States for more than two years; which, the company claims has “the fastest cards on the web”.

Compared to the hype normally associated with Bovada Poker, the launch of the Zone Poker tables was relatively quiet – with news of the new product being spread by players using social media and poker forums. It soon became clear that, although the addition of a fast-fold poker game was welcome, several glitches existed which need to be resolved before Bovada Poker can extend the range of stake levels and games which are currently available and introduce Zone Poker tournaments.

Zone Poker Encounters First Day Problems

Among the most common problems were players being frozen out of the action and having to re-enter the games, while other players reported not being able to enter the games at all. There was a little dissatisfaction that players could only play one Zone Poker table at a time (Rush Poker allows players to play on up to four tables simultaneously) and it soon became apparent that players in the Big Blind should not use the “Check/Fold Now” button in advance of their turn to act.

The games are currently available in the following formats:-

NL Hold´em Full $0.02/$0.05
6-Max $0.02/$0.05
Full $0.05/$0.10
6-Max $0.05/$0.10
PL Omaha Hi 6-Max $0.02/$0.05
6-Max $0.05/$0.10

Players´ Reactions to Launch of Zone Poker

Despite the software glitches encountered on its launch, Zone Poker was received extremely well, with players showing a Day 1 profit referring to the tables as “fishbowls” due to the loose nature of the players competing on them. More than 400 players “Stepped Inside the Zone” on the first evening that the games were live, with all six tables seeing plenty of action, and those numbers are anticipated to increase once more recreational players log into their accounts this coming weekend.

Traffic Prohibits Other Sites from Offering Fast Fold Poker

The decision by Bovada Poker to limit players to one entry per table may seem like an opportunity missed, but was possibly justified by the fact that had there not been such a good response to the launch of Zone Poker – and many players had entered a game multiple times – it would have slowed the game down while the software was sorting out who had just played against who. Indeed, it is unlikely that any of the other US-facing poker networks will introduce a fast-fold poker game because of the relatively small amount of traffic on other online poker sites that accept players from the US.

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