iPad poker rooms in the US have boomed over the last few months, but why exactly is this platform one of the most profitable ways to 3-bet, bluff and take down pots for real money?

For every grinder the reason for playing mobile poker will differ, but, for the purpose of discussion and debate, here are some of the biggest benefits of playing poker via your iPad in the United States.

The Advantages of iPad Poker Sites US


Speed – There’s no doubt that real money online poker is a quick way to grind, but since the evolution of mobile gaming took over the poker world the game has become even faster. Many US iPad poker apps focus heavily on fast fold poker which means it’s possible to see 50+ hands per hour with ease.

Efficiency – Ease of access is a major part of real money online poker’s appeal and that quality has now become even more acute thanks to growth of iPad poker sites in the United States. Because it’s possible to fit an entire real cash online poker room into the palm of your hand, the process of finding a game and anteing up is a lot less stressful, which, as you know, mean you’ll be a more relaxed and, thus, profitable grinder.
Competition – In general, players that use their iPad to play mobile poker in the US will be less skilled than desktop grinders. The freedom to bet on the move is one that often causes players to lose concentration and make mistakes. Moreover, the main group of players that ante-up via their iPad can be described as recreational.

Because one-tabling is the norm, the players you’ll see will often be focused on having some fun rather than making as much money as possible. Therefore, when you start grinding via your iPad in the US, you’ll probably find that it’s a lot easier to make money.

Bonuses – One of the best ways to make real money by playing on a US iPad poker site is through bonus offers. Because the top operators are keen to push people onto their mobile platforms it means there’s more free cash on offer. Thus, if you’re considering playing poker on your iPad, make sure you choose a site with the best welcome rewards.

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What to Look Out For

What-to-Look-Out-ForConservative estimates state that a single table of mobile poker will use around 10KB of data per minute. This means that if you’re attempting to play two tables for three hours each night you’d use around 3.51MB or 0.00343GB per day.

In reality this is a very small amount of data compared to the amount you’ll be given on a monthly plan. However, it is important to remember that whenever you’re not playing via a wifi connection, it will eat into your allowance.

Although data usage will be a minor concern when you’re playing real cash poker on your iPad, screen resolution certainly won’t be. Of all the mobile devices you can play poker on, tablets are by far the most impressive simply because of the size of its screen. It doesn’t matter if it’s a standard iPad, an iPad mini or an iPad Air, each product will offer more playing space than cell devices.

This means it’s a lot easier to play more real money tables at once. Although you won’t be able to tile or cascade tables in the same way you would when you’re playing via your computer, the ability to scroll from table-to-table is a lot easier with an iPad device.

American players can use their iPad to play poker wherever they may be and never miss a hand at their favorite US poker site

App vs. Browser

app-vs-browserApple is notoriously protective over its devices and this translates into the software it allows into its app store. Because Apple has a direct say in each product that’s contained within its online store it means there’s a certain benchmark of quality you can expect when you open an iOS poker app to play for real money.

One of the main advantages of playing through a native iPad poker app in the USA is that everything is optimized. From the game lobby to the betting buttons and graphical interface, each facet of the platform has been designed to work perfectly with your iOS device. Because of this you’ll be able to enjoy a much more engaging experience via your iPad than you would via a different device that didn’t host a native app.

Our Pick of the Best Wireless iPad Poker Sites in the US

The market for US iPad poker sites is still in an embryonic stage and many of the top operators are still trying to find their feet in the market. Because of this it can often be tricky to distinguish which real money poker platform is worth a spin and which isn’t.

Fortunately, our eagle-eyed operatives have been scoping out the landscape for a number of months and using our expert knowledge we’ve put together a list of the top iPad poker sites in the US. By focusing on the platforms that offer the best bonuses and least faults, we’ve been able to ensure you can spend less time searching and more time betting when you play mobile poker in the United States for real cash.

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