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Windows Phone poker sites offer a new and exciting way to enjoy the game we all know and love for real cash. Taking the desktop environment and scaling it down so that it fits in the palm of your hand, these Microsoft enabled devices provide a simple way for you to dip in and out of the juiciest real cash poker games in the US.

The Advantages of Using Windows Phone US Poker Sites


Better Game Selection: Windows Phone US poker sites for real money are a fantastic way for punters of all persuasions to “grind on the go”. Game selection is an integral part of any poker player’s arsenal and if you can’t find a decent game then you should move on and feast somewhere else. Sometimes you might find that when you get a chance to play some poker at one of our top American poker sites via your desktop computer the games aren’t very good. At this point you have two options: give up or play at a tough table. In contrast, if you’re playing via your Microsoft phone you can dip in and out of the action a lot faster through a poker app. This means you can leave tough games, do something else and instantly rejoin the game when the conditions are more favorable.

Lower Poker IQ: The Windows Phone, online poker, US players and you all create a perfect storm. If you’re in the USA and spend any time at the virtual felt via your Microsoft phone, you’ll notice that the players around you are extremely loose. That’s true whether you’re playing on Windows Phone poker apps or through the web. When players grind through their desktop their focus will be a lot higher than if they are using their mobile device. However, when you play poker on Windows Phone for real cash, you’ll usually be outside and surrounding by distractions. This simple fact is enough to lower the average poker IQ of the opponents you’ll face when you ante-up at our top Windows Phone US poker sites.
Better Concentration: In contrast to your opponents having less concentration, Windows Phone poker sites, US and European, will give you the ability to play with a higher level of focus. Because you’re forced to grind one table at a time, you’ll have much more insight into what’s going on and, thus, a better ability to read your opponents. Using your Microsoft phone puts you in a position where you can dedicate yourself to a single table, instead of spreading your concentration across 10 different tables.

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What to Watch out for when you Play Poker on Windows Phone

What-to-Watch-out-for-when-you-Play-PokerWhenever you play poker on Windows Phone poker sites you’ll need to be aware of data usage. Although different sites will use different amounts of data, the average US poker room will use 10kb of mobile data per minute. Although this isn’t the largest amount of data, it can stack up as you add more tables. For example, if you played four tables for three hours each day you’d use around 7.03MB or 0.006865GB of data.

In reality this is a very small amount of data compared to the amount you’ll be given on a monthly plan in America. However, it is important to remember that whenever you’re not playing on Windows Phone poker sites, US mobile companies will charge you for the data you use if you aren’t using a wifi connection.

App or Browser: Windows Phone Poker Site US Options

Because Windows Phones are basically miniature versions of your desktop computer, you’ll find that you can access the mobile versions of most US and international poker sites and play Hold’em for real money. You don’t necessarily even need a dedicated poker app. Many work through your browser. Also known as Microsoft phones, these portable devices allow you to enjoy the same gaming experience as you would on your laptop.

Of course, when it comes to mobile online poker, Windows Phone users will have to accept that the screen resolution will be lower than the average desktop monitor. Whether you’re playing through a Windows Phone poker app or via Internet Explorer, the screen resolution will be the same. Although this won’t affect that quality of the graphics you’ll see, it may hamper your ability to play multiple tables at once (not even the most advanced poker app can solve this problem). However, while you may find that this lowers your hourly win rate, you’ll probably realize that your average bb/100 is a lot better because you’ll have a better level of focus on the games you’re playing.

Windows poker sites are plentiful, offering US poker players great graphics, smooth play, and a solid interface that supports ongoing action.

The Best Gaming Options: Windows Phone Online Poker US

The-Best-Gaming-OptionsThroughout our years in the poker world we’ve seen a number of operators come and go. Some have succeeded in the mobile market by creating great poker apps, while others have failed to hit the mark. Between all these platforms, the great and good, we’ve managed to tease out the reasons why certain things worked and why they didn’t.

Using this knowledge and experience, we’ve found the best Windows phone poker sites for real money in the industry. Boasting the biggest bonuses, slickest gameplay and most efficient support teams, all of our recommendations for Windows Phone poker apps are amongst the finest examples of their kind in the industry. So, if you’re looking for new platform to play poker on, Windows Phone devices are a fantastic option and our top picks are the best of the best.

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