Top US Poker Pros

The top US poker pros in the world come in two distinct flavors: online and live. While the fundamental game is the same in each instance, it’s a reality that the skills needed to thrive in each can be subtly different. Because of this we’ve outlined the top USA poker pros in both fields and, in general, you’ll find each contains a different set of names.

However, in a not too unsurprising twist of fate, one player is mentioned twice: Phil Ivey. Known universally as the best player in the world, Ivey has amassed more than $40 million in winnings across both spheres.


Antonio Esfandiari

Winnings: $26,250,516

Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari is primarily known as a live tournament player, but thanks to a number of high profile wins (including an $18 million score in the WSOP’s One Drop event) he’s been a face for numerous online sites. Most recently the charismatic pro signed to represent Ultimate Poker and currently plays on this US-based site under the alias ‘Antonio Esfandiari’.


Phil Ivey

Winnings: $21,457,074

Known universally as the best poker player in the world, Phil Ivey is primarily known as a live pro. However, being the master of cards that he is, Phil has found a way to triumph at the virtual felt against some of the top young players in the world. Although not the best natural online poker player, Phil can often be seen on Full Tilt under the handle ‘Polarizing’ (he was formerly known as ‘Phil Ivey’) and on PokerStars as ‘RaiseOnce’. Competing at stakes from $200/$400 to $500/$1,000, Phil has managed to become one of the biggest online earners in the world.


Erik Seidel

Winnings: $20,811,659

He’s one of the top live poker players in the US that hasn’t cashed in the WSOP’s $1 million Big One for One Drop, but that hasn’t stopped Erik Seidel from scooping more than $20 million. Although Seidel has been winning poker tournaments across the US and beyond since before poker was an international pastime, he enjoyed one of the most impressive tournament runs in tournament history. At the start of 2011, Seidel went on a run which would see him win four major poker tournaments and bank $6,530,153.


Daniel Colman

Winnings: $20,116,142

A relative new kid on the block, Daniel Colman won the 2014 WSOP Big One for One Drop and instantly entered his name into the record books. The owner of the second largest live tournament score in history, Colman is good friends with Olivier Busquet and learnt his craft playing online poker in the US. Since winning his first WSOP bracelet he’s managed to enjoy success on the European Poker Tour and bank over $20 million in the process.


Phil Hellmuth

Winnings: $18,193,407

Known as the “Poker Brat” by many, Phil Hellmuth is not only one of the top poker players in the USA, but one of the most popular. Loved by fans of the game and celebrities, Hellmuth has forged a solid reputation and a bankroll worth more than $18 million over the last 20 years. Not only that, but Mr. Hellmuth is also the most successful player in WSOP history with more championship bracelets than any other player.

Top US Online Players


Phil Ivey

US Online Poker Aliases: ‘Polarizing’, ‘RaiseOnce’

Winnings: $19,242,743

We might have already listed him as one of the biggest winners in US poker history, but Phil Ivey is also one of the top American players in the online world. In fact, such is his prowess that he’s the biggest winner in Internet poker history. With an incredible $19,242,743 profit, Ivey has taken on and beaten the cream of the virtual world. From young upstarts to seasoned pros, Ivey has proven to be just as successful online as he is in the live arena.


Daniel Cates

US Online Poker Aliases: ‘Jungleman12’

Winnings: $10,332,782

His mood may swing from happy to sad, but when it comes to profits, Daniel Cates’ bankroll has only ever gone in one direction: upwards. Since bursting onto the scene under the screen name ‘Jungleman12’, Cates has not only racked up $10,332,782 in profit over the course of 253,739 hands, but firmly established himself as one of the top online poker players in the US.


Phil Galfond

US Online Poker Aliases: OMGClayAiken, MrSweets28

Winnings: $9,474,106

One of the original online prodigies to make a name for himself during the poker boom, Phil Galfond is widely regarded by many as the game’s top modern players. Able to rival the likes of Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson and any live pros who came before him in terms of skill and financial might, Phil is also a great strategist. Known for his insightful blogs and salient strategy advice, he’s managed to coach many players over the years in the art of high stakes NLHE and PLO. On top of his online success, Phil has also thrived in the live arena and managed to pick up a WSOP bracelet in 2008.


Di Dang

US Online Poker Aliases: ‘Urindanger’

Winnings: $7,411,126

One half of the top poker playing duo in the US, Di Dang was easily one of the most feared pros in the world back when online poker was booming. Alongside his brother, Hac, Dang was able to carve out a reputation as one of the top heads-up No Limit Hold’em players in America and the world. Since banking $7,411,126 at the virtual felt, Dang has taken a step back from the game and now runs his own restaurant. However, with earnings that eclipse many of today’s best grinders, Dang is still considered one of the top online poker players in the world.


Tom Dwan

US Online Poker Aliases: ‘durrrr’

Winnings: $2,165,475

He might not be amongst the top earning online poker players in the US anymore, but back when the highest limit games on Full Tilt ran like clockwork, Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan was one of the most dominant players. Taking on all-comers and virtually retiring a number of former high stakes pros, including Brian Townsend, Tom earned a fearsome reputation for creativity and aggressiveness. Although Tom was once the dominant force in the online poker world, he’s recent poor run of form has seen him concentrate more on private cash games with rich businessmen.

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