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Our History

historyPokerSites.us was designed by players, for players. As with virtually all of the best American poker platforms in the world, our little piece of cyberspace was born out of a love for the game. Because we know that everyone, from the humble novice to the aspiring pro, enjoys a few hands of Texas Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha, we decided to take that love and craft it into something of value.

Being a company full of passionate players and experts, we know that maximizing value is the key to success at the poker table. Whether it’s constructing a +EV bluffing range or learning how to spot the easiest games, every tool in your poker arsenal should be designed to give you the most value possible.

For this reason we decided to create PokerSites.us. Packed full of poker strategy tips, game guides and US poker bonuses, our website is your portal to maximum value. By working alongside the best online poker sites, US players who follow our advice will not only enjoy a stress free playing experience (all our sites are 100% secure), but enjoy a host additional benefits.

Of course, the key to becoming a winning poker player is to develop a solid set of skills (something we show you how to do). However, a little help in the form of top US poker bonuses, regular free rolls and upgraded VIP deals can go a long way, especially when negative variance is taking you for a ride. That’s why all of our recommended US poker sites are extensively reviewed by our experts to ensure they offer you the most bang for your buck.

Your Poker News Source

Our team of passionate players and experts bring you news of the poker world as it happens. Whether it is changes to poker legislation, or financial news that affects a site, our writers will let you know.

We work to ensure our stories are well researched, offer insight in to complicated issues, and are enjoyable to read. However, while we are a US-focused site, we do also keep you updated on the global picture.

Our News Team

Our journalists all have experience in the industry that gives them important insight into the stories they write. Meet the team below:
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A Long Love Affair

Even before Chris Moneymaker set the poker industry alight, we were enjoying America’s favorite pastime on the original online poker sites. Planet Poker first brought the game to a virtual audience in 1997 and since that time we’ve watched the rise and fall of many internet outlets.

From early frontrunners such as Paradise Poker, to unsuccessful pretenders such as Poker Spot, the industry has evolved at a frightening pace over the last few years. Fortunately, we’ve managed to keep up with the constant stream of changes and that’s why we’re the go to resource for US online poker players.

Divorce isn’t an option for us when it comes to poker sites, US poker players or finding the best value. Our love affair with the poker industry was founded more than a decade ago and it will still be going in another decade.

We Want You to Share our Passion

share-passion-cardsAs you can tell, we’re passionate about all things poker in the US. Whether it’s live poker, US online poker sites or anything in-between, we keep track of everything. Moreover, we pride ourselves on testing everything we recommend.

We want you to share our passion for poker in the US, which is why we’re willing to go the extra mile to achieve that. Don’t get us wrong, we love playing poker for our own entertainment, but we also take things seriously when it comes to testing out all or top rated poker sites. In essence, we’re not only facilitators, we’re fans. Our mission is to ensure you derive as much joy and profit from poker in the USA as we do.

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