Diners Club

Diner's ClubFor USA players, Diners Club poker sites offer a convenient and secure way to manage your virtual bankroll. Since its inception in 1950, Diners Club International has provided one of the top charge card services to customers in more than 50 countries.

Because of this international reputation, online poker Diners Club transactions are extremely common. For poker sites, Diners Club offers a fantastic way to process money because it offers a direct chain of command between the user’s bank and their bank. If you’ve got a Diners Club card and you’re ready to ante up, we’ll show you everything you need to know.

How Diners Club Poker Deposits Work

Operating on a charge card basis, this method allows the user to make a deposit and Diners Club will cover the transaction. The user will then be responsible for paying Diners Club the full amount of money at a given date which is usually the end of the month.

When it comes to US poker online, Diners Club is fantastic for all concerned because each transaction has a chain of responsibility. When a transaction is processed the amount of cash is backed by Diners Club, which is something United States and European poker rooms like. Moreover, the player has an advantage because they can make a deposit and not have to worry about the money until the end of the month.

Although we don’t recommend playing online poker on a tight budget, Diners Club poker sites do offer a great way for those with limited finances to manage their money in a more effective way.

US Diners Club Poker Sites

When playing in one of our poker rooms, in either Europe or the US, Diners Club cards follow the below conditions.

  • Deposits. Mostly, poker sites that accept Diners Club cards are accessible to American players.
  • Withdrawals. As with deposits, Diners Club cards poker rooms can be used by US players.
  • Instantly Available Money. Deposits with Diners Club cards are processed instantly, but withdrawals can take up to 7 days depending on the poker room.
  • Success Rates. These can vary for poker players in the US, but the majority of the time Diner Club cards will be accepted.

Note: When depositing and withdrawing in a foreign currency, the poker site will use the daily average rate from the currency market to determine the monetary amount.

  • U. S. Poker Site
  • Compatibillity
  • Editor Rating
  • Deposit Bonus

Play Poker Online with Diners Club Payments

150px-SafeDinersIn short, the answer to question, are online poker Diners Club transactions safe, is “yes”. Because Diners Club International is a registered financial processor, it has to abide by a host of rules and regulations.

This means Diners Club poker sites have the ability to work with an internationally recognized and regulated organization when it comes to processing issues.

One point we touched on earlier that’s worth repeating is that Diners Club online poker transactions are great, but only if you can afford them. Because the system operates on a charge basis, users need to be aware of how much they are spending. This means practicing good bankroll management and not charging so much to the card is hugely important.

Diners Club Card & Online Poker

USA poker rooms that accept Diners Club deposits are easy to use when following the steps below.

  • Pick one of our recommended Diners Club Card poker sites.
  • Locate the cashier page and select the “Diners Club Card” deposit method.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit along with your card number.
  • Type in your CVV to make the transaction secure.
  • Once the process is complete the money will appear in your account.

Online US poker players can use their Diners Club credit card to make quick and secure payments and withdraw funds at Diners Club poker sites.

US Poker Sites Accepting Diners Club

150px-DinersUSAFor US poker sites, Diners Club card transactions are still in a gray area. For those living in regulated states, Diners Club poker room will start to become more common as time goes on. However, we would recommend informing your bank if you wish to use this option.

In theory, you should be able to use your Diners Club card at most European sites as well as a number of American poker rooms. However, as we’ve said, it’s always best to speak to your card issuer directly before attempting a transaction.

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