150px-VisaCardsOnline poker sites and Visa have been synonymous since the industry’s birth and, even amongst the myriad of eWallets now dominating the virtual market, this payment method is still a favorite for serious grinders.

What are Visa cards?

If you’re playing online poker in the US or anywhere else in the world a Visa Card will be one of the most prominent deposit options you will find. Founded in 1958 and now one of the largest credit companies in the world, this method of handling your online poker bankroll is by far one of the most reliable in the US.

Not only that, but poker sites that accept Visa are generally more reliable than rooms that don’t. Of course, while this isn’t an exact science, the theory states that if a US poker site offers Visa as a deposit/ withdrawal option then it’s probably a reputable place to play. In fact, Visa poker sites are some of the most reliable in the industry.

US Visa Card Poker Sites

Make sure you consider the following points when thinking about using your Visa card in a US poker room:

  • Are deposits available? Yes
  • Are withdrawals available? Yes
  • Is money instantly available? Deposits are, but withdrawals can fluctuate from 1-7 days depending on the site itself.
  • What is the success rate? Within America it is around 75%, and outside of the US it is 100%
  • Are there any associated fees? No, there shouldn’t be any fees with this transaction method.

  • U. S. Poker Site
  • Compatibillity
  • Editor Rating
  • Deposit Bonus

US Poker Sites Accepting Visa Cards

150px-VisaTransactionOne of the main reasons why online poker visa transactions are preferred over other methods is that there is a direct link from your banking institution and the online poker room. Instead of having to pay a third-party portal a handling fee, Visa will communicate directly with the site in order to process the necessary funds. The result of this relationship is that there aren’t any transaction costs and players often get their cash in a much more efficient manner.

Another benefit to playing poker online using Visa is that you are afforded a certain degree of protection by the institution. Like all credit card companies, Visa has to abide by various rules and regulations and one of these is that any purchases you make using your cash will be covered up to a certain amount in the event of a crime being committed.

For example, if you made a legal deposit at a Visa poker site but that transaction was never processed by that site, then you’d be entitled to that money back courtesy of the credit card company.

Credit Cards & Online Poker

Funding your poker account, or making withdrawals, with your Visa card can be done by following the steps below.

  1. Locate your chosen poker sites cashier page.
  2. After clicking the “Visa card” option, enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. Once you click “deposit” the transaction is processed.

To withdraw funds you simply reverse the process detailed above, the money will return to your bank account within 1-7 days. In general, cash from a US poker site will appear in your bank account sooner using a Visa card than if you use another withdrawal method.

*Note: you can only make a deposit that’s equal to or lower than the amount of cash you have available in your bank account.

Many US poker players find that for quickness, accessibility, and safety, their Visa card is a prime choice for making payments at online poker rooms.

USA Poker Rooms That Accept Visa Card Deposits: Safety

150px-VisaSafeOf course it’s safe. As we’ve already mentioned, when you make online poker transactions using a Visa card you are protected by the financial regulations. This means that, in the event of a crime, you can retrieve your money back (in the majority of circumstances) by contacting Visa.

Can you play poker online with Visa Card payments?

Visa card poker rooms can be slightly hit and miss, due to the complex regulations that surround online poker in America.

Any sites that do offer Visa card as a deposit method is safe and secure to use.

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