When you’re playing at US MasterCard poker sites, MasterCard is one of the safest and most efficient ways to enjoy the virtual game in both Europe and the US. Backed by a series of strict financial codes, your cash is safer with MasterCard than virtually any other payment processor.

Breaking down MasterCard Poker Sites

150px-MastercardHowAlthough there are a few pitfalls that can befall a player when they use this option (something we’ll get into later), for poker sites, MasterCard is a great payment processor because it’s free. Although users may be subject to monthly or annual interest charges for using the credit offered by MasterCard, there are no direct fees from the site.

For example, when you visit one of our MasterCard poker sites, navigate to the deposit page and input some cash, you can expect 100% of that money to land in your account. Conversely, when you decide to make a withdrawal you’ll find that there are no fees from the site. Unlike an eWallet used for online poker, MasterCard doesn’t charge you to withdraw part of your bankroll.

Although fees from companies such as PayPal, Skrill or EcoPay are low (usually around 2 percent of the transaction amount), this can take its toll on your bankroll if you’re a low or mid-stakes player. As a grinder your mission should always be to reduce your expenditure while increasing your EV and one of the best ways to do this is by choosing a payment option that doesn’t carry any charges. MasterCard poker sites definitely fulfill this need.

US Poker Sites Accepting MasterCard

Whether you’re playing in Europe or one of our US poker sites, MasterCard will have the following conditions:

– Available for deposit – In general, MasterCard poker rooms are available to USA players.

– Available for withdrawal – In general, MasterCard poker rooms are available to US players.

– Money available instantly – When it comes to deposits for poker online, MasterCard transactions are instant. Withdrawals are poker room dependent but range from 1-7 days.

– Success rates – Success rates can vary for US poker players. Overall, you’ll find that MasterCard will be accepted the majority of the time.

-If you’re making a deposit/ withdrawal from a currency other than USD, the poker room in question will use the daily currency market average rate (usually set by to determine the money you receive.

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Playing Online Poker: MasterCard Safety

150px-MastercardSafeAs we’ve already mentioned, MasterCard poker sites are extremely safe because the operator is backed by a set of financial regulations. Many of the world’s leading banks use MasterCard for credit and debit card products; which means, for online poker sites, MasterCard is a fantastically secure option.

However, there is one issue which US players need to be aware of when using online poker MasterCard deposit options. Both debit and credit card services are available for MasterCard’s American and European consumers, this can raise an issue when it comes to money-management.

While debit card users will only be able to spend money they can afford (because it simply debits money from an available balance), credit card users can find themselves slipping in debt when they use MasterCard poker sites.

Credit cards hold a certain amount of money that has been allocated to the holder’s bank. The interest that is to be paid back over time means that this money is not free. This means that transactions made with a MasterCard may incur a hidden fee, as transactions will have interest charges added by your bank you must factor this into your spending.

While we’re not saying you should avoid MasterCard poker sites, we are saying that if you use a credit card with a MasterCard symbol, you should be aware that it may have future charges associated with it.

Playing Poker Online with MasterCard Payments

150px-MastercardTopsitesMasterCard transactions work simply with poker sites, through the process below the money is taken directly from your account.

  1. Navigate to your chosen MasterCard poker site.
  2. Locate the cashier page and choose the “MasterCard” option.
  3. Type in the amount you wish to spend and your card number.
  4. Input the card’s CVV number to secure your transaction.
  5. Once the process is complete your bankroll will be restocked.

US MasterCard poker sites provide American players with a very fast and safe method of payment, allowing them to keep their accounts funded.

USA Poker Rooms That Accept MasterCard Deposits

The uncertain nature of the online poker world in America is something that has played havoc with payment processors. However, by and large, online poker MasterCard transactions have remained a constant.

Although some banks are still wary of authorizing deposits and withdrawals to poker sites in the United States, the majority will allow them. In fact, for poker sites, MasterCard is one of the preferred options as it has a direct processing chain.

One thing to note is that online poker is the US is gradually becoming more regulated and that’s causing a proliferation in the number of US poker sites. For this reason it’s important to keep an eye on our list of online poker MasterCard options to see where the latest offers and deals are.

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